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Mathematics Advising Recommendations

  • When advising students who are transferring to Clemson, please remember the following:


For majors such as History and Psychology that require MATH 1010 or STAT 2300 at Clemson, students should take MAT 103 or MAT 120, respectively.

For majors such as Business that require MATH 1020 at Clemson, students should follow the MAT 102, MAT 109, and MAT 130 track (see MAT 130 flowchart).

Students interested in engineering, science, architecture, and mathematics majors that require MATH 1060 at Clemson should follow the MAT 102, MAT 110, MAT 111, and MAT 140 track (see MAT 140 flowchart). MAT 137/138 is the alternative to MAT 140 for students in these majors.

In all cases, a student should begin at the level indicated by their Math Placement Level while following the correct track for their intended transfer major. Do not suggest a calculus class just because a student has placement scores for it if their major only requires MAT 103 or 120.


  • Also, if the CU catalog for the student's intended major says MATH 1060 or MATH 1020 or MATH 1010, please recommend the easier one, even if they have the test scores for the higher level class. The less difficult of the three is MATH 1010 (our MAT 103) followed by MATH 1020 (our MAT 130) and then MATH 1060 (our MAT 140). There is no point in making them take the more difficult class if they don't need to.


  • For majors requiring MAT 120 and 130, have the student start on the math path for MAT 130 first and take MAT 120 later as a stand-alone class. MAT 120 (or 103) is not a prerequisite for any other math class since it does not contain algebra or trigonometry.


  • MAT 130 is not a prerequisite for MAT 140 since it does not contain trigonometry.


  • We know math placement is difficult so we are happy to answer any faculty or student questions. Just contact Keri Catalfomo at or Angela Ward at