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MyMathTest Getting Started Guide

Updated March 2023

At Tri-County Technical College, all math and science courses have mathematics prerequisite placement scores, which are based on the Accuplacer mathematics test. This test is a progressive test that starts at the Elementary Algebra level. If you answer enough questions correctly, you will be given harder questions and will be able to get a College Mathematics score. If you answer enough of the Elementary Algebra questions incorrectly, you will be given questions in the Arithmetic category.

Most students who do not test where they expect do so because of weak algebra skills. They may have taken algebra in high school but have not used it recently and have forgotten the rules and methods. Because of this, we have developed a method to refresh those important algebra skills in preparation for taking the Accuplacer math placement test.

MyMathTest is an online system for diagnosing and refreshing your knowledge of mathematics. It contains two programs for you to use to refresh your math skills to prepare for the Accuplacer Math Placement test. Choose the program that best matches your mathematical level. We recommend starting with the Basic Math to Intermediate Algebra and then working on the College Algebra to Trigonometry program if you have had those classes in the past. For a nominal fee ($14 in our Campus Store, $10 online), you get an access code to use for 16 weeks of online access to these programs. You can register for both programs using the same access code by following the directions below.

Before you begin, be sure you have:

  • A valid email address
  • A student access code, which you should have purchased from the Campus Store or online at
    - Sample: WSSMT-TAROK-THOLE-PICON-SHRIK-PRAWN (enter in all caps)
  • A Program (Course) ID. TCTC’s Programs are:
    1. TCTC Basic Math to Intermediate Alg. (Trying to test into MAT 032, 101, 102, 103, 120, 155, 170)
        Program ID: XL4D-C1WM-101Y-6EV2 (use zeros, not ohs)
    2. TCTC College Algebra & Trigonometry (Trying to test into MAT 109, 110, 111, 130, 140)
        Program ID: XL4D-C1X1-201Z-40W2 (use zeros)


  1. Launch your browser—for example, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. (Firefox works best)
  2. Go to, click the Register button, and then follow the instructions on the screen. If it brings you to a screen that does not say MyMathTest, close it and go to again to log in with your new username and password that you just created.

Logging In:

After registering, log into MyMathTest using your username and password. Click on the drop-down menu at the top right where you see your name. Click on Enroll in Course and then enter the appropriate Program ID from above. If you would like to enroll in another program, click on Enroll in Course again and enter the new Program ID.

Working in the Programs:

  • Start by taking the two diagnostic tests with each program. This will give you a “snap-shot” of where your math skills are right now and what you need to work on.
  • The system will create a Study Plan with problems for you to work based on the results of your diagnostic test. Please see Announcements in the program for more information.
  • When you go into the Study Plan, you will see a pushpin next to the objectives that you need to practice. You may then click on “practice” or “quiz me.” When you have demonstrated mastery of each objective, the program will display that you have earned “mastery points.”
  • You should plan to devote 4-5 hours of time in the program each week for several weeks, maybe more if you need more refreshing, before you take your Accuplacer test.
  • If you plan to go into an engineering, science, or business major that requires calculus, you need to work in both of the programs. Remember, it is usually the beginning and intermediate algebra skills that cause a student to not test into the college mathematics level on the Accuplacer math test.

Need More Help?

If you have questions, contact Dr. Matthew Anzur, Mathematics Instructor, at 864-646-1815 or

To view a complete set of instructions on registering and enrolling in a program, go to and visit the Tours page.