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Virtual Advising Reminders

Virtual advising can require effort to help a student to feel welcomed and at ease. It’s easy to jump right into the business of advising to make the most use of your time, but taking a minute to set the stage can make the process much smoother and more productive. Some ways for you to create an environment for a positive advising experience are below.


  1. Introduce yourself and explain your role at the college.
  2. Ask the student to provide their preferred name.
  3. Share a statement of welcome.
    • “We are glad that you chose to continue your education at Tri-County.”
    • “I’m looking forward to working with you today.”
  4. Share a brief overview of the virtual advising process.
    • “I’m going to ask you some questions about your short and long-term goals and life circumstances. We will review your major and choose courses. Once we have finished our conversation, you will choose your class schedule and register on your own, so be sure to take notes and ask questions.”
  5. Refrain from displaying or venting frustration with students and/or faculty/staff including harsh language.
  6. Give the student a chance to ask questions and gain clarification. Ask them to summarize next steps to ensure understanding.