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Grade Point Average Calculators

Grades are calculated on a 4.0 scale. Points are awarded in this manner:

  • A = 4 grade points per credit hour
  • B = 3 grade points per credit hour
  • C = 2 grade points per credit hour
  • D = 1 grade points per credit hour
  • F = 0 grade points per credit hour
  • WF = 0 grade points per credit hour
GPA chart.png

Developmental courses offered through the Comprehensive Studies Department (those numbered less than 100) generate no credit hours, do not affect the GPA, and do not count toward graduation. Developmental studies courses numbered 100 or above generate credit hours and affect the GPA but do not count toward graduation in any degree, diploma, or certificate program.

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Grading System and Standards of Student Progress Policies and Procedures
Grading System and Credit and Non-credit Courses Procedure