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TCTC Voices Week

March 11 – March 14





Another way to share your experiences in an interview format.

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Talking Wall

Be sure to post your answer to the question of the day on social media using the hashtag #tctcvoices! You can follow TCTC on social media @tctcedu!

What’s Your Story?

Everyone has stories about how they have arrived at this moment. StoryShare is a means to share one of those stories in an effort to bring understanding and compassion to others and enhance its meaning for you. Tell a story about your special relationship with your grandmother; a time when you were caught doing something wrong but learned a good lesson; an experience that may have been hurtful and changed how you looked at the world; or that special teacher that made a big impact on your life.

How Does StoryShare Work?

During the TCTC Voices event, there will be a private recording booth set up in or near the Student Success Center and at the Community Campuses. At your scheduled time, you will come to the booth and participate in a 30-minute session where you will be interviewed about your story. You can be interviewed by a friend you bring to the session or by the staff interviewer who will be there to assist and manage the equipment. No preparation is required. Examples of the types of stories that you may consider telling include a story about an impactful person in your life; an experience, whether bad or good, that somehow changed you; or the circumstances that led you to attend TCTC. The College’s Media Arts Program will carefully edit your story down to a 4-minute recording and will upload your story to the National Archives if you give your permission.


When is it?

9am – 3pm

Monday, March 11 at Anderson Campus

Tuesday, March 12 at Pendleton Campus

Wednesday, March 13 at Easley Campus

Thursday, March 14 at Pendleton Campus

*At Oconee Campus or ITC? Contact Lori Morrissette at to schedule an appointment.


What Do I Need to Do Today?

If you are interested, please sign up here.

Pass this information to your friends so they can also participate!


Stop by the Student Engagement Suite in the Student Success Center or email Lori Morrissette at or Kathleen Hardy at