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Fun, Interactive & FREE

At Tri-County Technical College, we want to give you the EDGE when it comes to furthering your career, as well as your academic pursuits. The Leading EDGE Experience is a great way to learn about a variety of topics that help you succeed in higher education, and in the world after college too. Fun, interactive, and free these activities are brought to you by faculty, staff and outside speakers on a variety of subjects that will help you stand out, get ahead and become a 21st Century Scholar!

Download the EDGE App HERE!! ⇒  EDGE App icon
You can find the web-based app at

It’s FREE!  
Check out the campus events on the app.
Attend events.
Earn points.
Be rewarded for experiencing events at TCTC.


Outside-the-Classroom Experiences!

  • The LEE encompasses all your experiences outside-the-classroom that enhance what you are learning in the classroom. 
  • Develop 21st century skills
  • Get the EDGE: Employable, Dedicated, Goal-Orientated and Empowered


Stand out! Enhance skills!

  • To get a better job! Be successful!  Great career preparation!
  • Be more prepared for classes! Resume builder!  AND earn tons of FREE stuff!


On campus. In your community. Everywhere!

  • Join a campus organization
  • Volunteer in the community
  • Attend LEE Skillshops
  • Participate in a mock interview
  • Other experiences that set you apart

On campus: Check out bulletin boards for posters
Online: eTC calendar, TCTC calendar
EDGE app: Click on the campus tab, View all events


Every semester! Earn points for your experiences!!

  • Earn points by checking-in at TCTC events via the TCTC EDGE app
  • Submit community activities and other EDGE experiences in app via the CCR (Co-Curricular Record)
  • Students must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and be enrolled in 6 credit hours per semester

Questions? Comments? Ideas?

Stop by the Student Engagement Suite 208, Student Success Center, or contact Lori Morrissette at