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Tri-County Technical College

The Work-Study program is a great way to help pay for college -- and get involved at the same time! It is not a grant (you must work to earn it), and it is not a loan (you don’t have to repay it). The Work Study program subsidizes a student’s hourly wage, which creates jobs that would not otherwise exist and helps leverage available dollars to provide more hours for needy students. It is basically a “pot” of money set aside to pay a portion of your hourly wage. Jobs must be approved by the Financial Aid office.

For the student, it is much like working any other job: you work a number of hours in a pay period, at some wage rate, and receive a paycheck for your earnings that you use however you wish. For the employer, the Work Study program is a great way to work with students outside the classroom to teach “soft skills” and provide hands-on learning opportunities. Plus, the Work Study program reimburses a large percentage of your wage, which makes it very attractive to hire Work Study students, and the College is able to work with qualified students on various projects and tasks to get more accomplished, too!

For the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program, you must qualify for need-based financial aid to receive Work Study. Funds are limited, so not all qualifying students will receive an award.
Other Work-Study or Work-Based learning opportunities not related to financial need are also available on campus. These positions work very much like the FWS program; however, criteria for consideration will vary but will include your skill-set, your availability, your work ethic and more.