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Information on Obtaining Accessibility Services


If you have previously received accommodations in another educational setting due to educational barriers, have a medical diagnosis that supports consistent academic accommodations, or have a temporary medical condition and would like to see what accommodations can be made while you heal, you may be eligible for accommodations at Tri-County Technical College.


To request services, please follow the procedures outlined below:


  • Provide documentation of your disability. This can be uploaded and attached to the Initial Request for Accommodations and Accessibility Resources form, sent to our office, or brought with you when you have your intake meeting.  (Even if you feel your documentation may not meet all the requirements below, please reach out so we can assess any documentation you do have. It may be sufficient depending on the source and information, or we can assist in gathering appropriate documentation or by providing resources to help.)


Ideally, documentation should show:

    • A clearly defined diagnosis
    • Levels of functioning or any relevant current information
    • An explanation of how the disability specifically impacts academic abilities
    • Recommended accommodations and an explanation of how each recommendation will assist in the student's education

Also note:

    • Medical documentation is needed for physical disabilities or medical diagnoses
    • Documentation should be on letterhead, dated and signed by a professional with knowledge of the disability and the credential to make the diagnosis
    • Other documentation may be required for specific disabilities
    • The ARC may contact the professional that made the diagnosis or provided the documentation in order to verify the student’s eligibility for academic accommodations. This is the only time the ARC would communicate in this manner unless the student explicitly requests and provides written consent for further communication to take place.
    • Nursing students will be required to submit documentation from a medical practice other than one they are employed at or have or have had clinical field experience working with.


  • Contact our office at or 864-646-1563 to set-up an intake meeting. During this meeting, we will review documentation and discuss details specific to the individual student’s situation to ensure the most appropriate accommodations are in place and support services are recommended. After this meeting, the ARC staff will create a Faculty Notification Form (FNF) that will outline approved accommodations for that student. You must participate in an intake meeting before accommodations will be granted. 


After accommodations have been approved:

  • Pick up Faculty Notification Forms from the ARC office. The student will receive enough FNFs so they can give one to each instructor and keep one for themselves.