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The Courage to Protect, The Compassion to Serve

TCTC Campus Police is accredited by SCLEA.

Campus Police Mission Statement

The Tri-County Technical College Police Department is dedicated to student success through protecting and serving all faculty, staff, students, visitors, and community partners. We are committed to the highest standards of higher education, professionalism, customer service, and implementing the best practices of law enforcement under the laws of the State of South Carolina.



To be the premier law enforcement agency within the South Carolina Technical College System.


Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Spirit of excellence
  • Honesty
  • Compassion
  • Respect
  • Loyalty

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Emergency Communications


Tri-County Technical College is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for students and employees. Unfortunately, emergency situations do arise, and when they do, it’s important to be prepared. When an emergency happens on or near campus, TCTC will use a Standard Response Protocol to communicate the actions students and employees should take. These actions will be communicated to primarily via text, email and phone. The Standard Response Protocol is outlined here. Please review and be prepared to act in an emergency.


Tri-County Technical College uses the Regroup Mass Notification® system to notify students and employees of inclement weather and other emergencies that may require the cancellation of classes and/or campus closures. Notifications are sent via email, text and voicemail. Students and employees are automatically registered in the Regroup system upon admission, registration and/or employment. However, the College encourages students and employees to review and confirm the accuracy of their contact information in the Regroup system on an annual basis. Learn more.



At Tri-County Technical College, we prepare for the possibility of inclement weather throughout the year. Any decision to close the College and/or cancel classes will be announced using the College’s inclement weather notification procedures.



We have developed a plan to establish guidelines, assign responsibilities, and promote awareness in responding to emergencies that may occur on Tri-County campuses and which may affect the greater local community.  This plan was created to complement plans already in place on the state, county, and city level, and is intended to be comprehensive, sustainable, and flexible. Review the Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan here.



Click here to learn how to recognize signs of potential violence around you, and what to expect after an active shooting takes place. Download this flyer for information about how to be prepared for an active shooter and stay safe.



We have established guidelines for working with hazardous chemicals. This program will ensure that the employee and students alike have safety and health information readily available about the hazardous materials they may encounter. Review our Hazard Communications Program in detail here.



We have created a plan to ensure adequate protection of faculty, staff, and students from any hazards associated with the laboratory use of chemicals within campus laboratories; and,to keep employee and student exposure to chemicals below the OSHA specified permissible exposure limits (PELs). In addition, the Plan provides guidance for a safe experience in our laboratories. Read the full Chemical Hygiene Plan here.


Updates & Reminders


Students must park in student parking spaces and lots only. Employee parking is designated by green stripes and Visitor parking is marked accordingly. Handicap parking spaces are regulated by the State of South Carolina and violators are subject to a $500 fine.  The striped blue spaces beside handicap spaces provide access for individuals in wheelchairs.

Learn more about parking and traffic regulations



The Campus Police Department is committed to the safety of all students, employees and visitors to our campuses. We have an outstanding group that includes officers with many years of law enforcement and/or security experience. We are highly focused on providing the best safety and security possible.

Learn more in our Annual Safety Report.



The Campus Safety Daily Crime Log is maintained in the Campus Police Department to provide information about incidents occurring on campus and to promote awareness. This is a record of all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents reported and handled by the Campus Police Department. Anyone wishing to review the official log may do so at the Campus Police Office.



Tri-County Technical College Campus Police focus on improving the safety and well-being of all Tri-County students, faculty and staff by offering classes related to crime prevention and campus safety topics. Upon request, the Campus Police can provide students, faculty and staff with classes tailored to any specific concerns you may have. 

Classes can be provided for individuals or groups.  Examples of class topics that can be provided include personal defense, pedestrian safety, and crime prevention techniques.  Interested in a safety topic not listed?  Please contact us to make a request.

We have compiled some additional safety tips for your convenience as well.



The Campus Police routinely patrol the college's four main campuses in both marked and unmarked vehicles, as well as on foot. If staffing is available, Campus Police will escort you to your vehicle if you are concerned for your safety.  Please call 864-646-1800 to request an escort from Campus Police.



The Lost and Found Policy and procedures are intended to ensure that items reported lost or found on Tri-County Technical College’s campus and its satellite sites are properly accounted for and in the case of items found, returned to their rightful owner or disposed of by the Campus Police.  “Lost property” means any unattended, abandoned, misplaced, or forgotten item including but not limited to equipment, cash, jewelry, phones, books, bookbags, computers, keys, documents, or personal identification papers (driver’s license, credit cards, etc.) which are found within the boundaries of the College, pending the identification of the rightful owner or disposal thereof. To report a lost item or inquire about a found item, contact Campus Police.