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Tri-County Technical College uses the Regroup Mass Notification® system to notify students and employees of emergency situations that require immediate action, such as a fire, hazmat incident or active shooter. Notifications are sent via text message and voicemail. Students and employees are automatically registered in the Regroup system upon admission, registration and/or employment. However, the College encourages students and employees to review and confirm the accuracy of their contact information in the Regroup system on an annual basis.

To access Regroup, follow these steps:

  1. For those with a TCTC email address, go to and log-in to Regroup using your TCTC credentials.
  2. Once logged in, click on the circle icon in the top right corner of your screen and select “My Contact Profile."
  3. Click "Edit Profile” and update your contact information as needed. Then click “Save Finish.”
  4. For those with a non-TCTC email address, go to

TCTC uses the Regroup Mass Notification® system to notify students and employees of inclement weather situations that could result in campus closures and/or delayed or canceled classes. Notifications are sent via text message and voicemail, and information is posted on the home page of the College website:

Additional information:

  • Do not rely on local media outlets (TV and radio) for closing information and directions. Those announcements are designed for the general public. Please refer to direct communications from the College to be sure that you have complete details.
  • EMPLOYEES: State government offices and their employees should follow the same hazardous weather decisions made by the county government officials where the state office is located. For example, a county’s decision to delay opening or close county government offices due to hazardous weather would mean state employees who work in the impacted county would also delay opening or close state government offices. However, employees who telecommute are expected to work remotely when an office is closed due to weather even if they were scheduled to be in the office during the times of the office closures.