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Enrolled students who want to change academic majors must first meet with a Success Coach, or Community Campus Student Services Coordinator on the Anderson, Easley, and Oconee Campuses, or the Division Resource Specialist in the division of the new major, or a Career and Employability Resources counselor, or the Director of Advising to discuss the appropriateness of the new major, the effect on degree completion, and possible financial aid implications. A Change of Major form will be completed to document the change.

Please refer to the academic calendar for the Change of Major deadline.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Recent studies indicate at least half of all college students will change their major at some point during their enrollment period, so you are not alone. Here are some important questions to consider before changing things up.

Are You Burned Out or Are You Hitting Bumps in the Road?

Changing your major is a pretty big deal and not one to be taken lightly. Perhaps you have found that the major you selected just isn’t a good fit after all. Maybe you’re having a tough time finding work-life balance with new college courses and your job. Or you might not be meshing well with an instructor’s style of teaching, or your grades are in a downward spiral. Everyone struggles to adjust to a new normal, but before you make any decisions about your major, we have several resources for you, from Success Coaches to Advisors to the team in Career and Employability Resources. Connect with us to talk through your choices!

How Will a Change in My Major Impact My Financial Aid?

No one student is the same, and no one change to a major is the same. Consult with our financial aid office ( to learn how switching majors could impact your financial aid package. Some credits may not count toward your new major, which could extend your time in college, adding to your overall tuition costs. In other cases, the courses that you need for your new pathway might mean a part-time schedule, and that will impact your award package. We want you to be in the career that best suits your interests and passions, but we also want you to have all the information you need!

Will I Graduate on Time?

This answer has many variables to consider, including the number of credits earned and how they might fit in to your new plans. Your advisor can help you better understand the impact a change to your major will play out in your scheduling patterns.


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