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AIM Pivotal Support Application

The following forms are required to process the AIM application - send the completed application and forms directly to Sheila Gower at

Attention Students:

**Please review the Income Guidelines to see if you qualify for assistance

**Please note that all forms/items listed above must be completed and submitted at the same time (except the landlord form and W-9). Incomplete applications will not be processed. If you have questions, contact Sheila Gower at If you need assistance completing the application, please reach out to

Ask Yourself:​

Did you suffer financial hardship during or due to the pandemic?

Did you suffer financial hardship related to loss or reduction of hours at work, layoff, or draw unemployment?

Did you have to give up work to stay home with your children in 2020, 2021 or 2022?

Were you unable to work as a result of pregnancy or other health conditions?

Did you have a situation where you had to stay home as a result of lack of childcare during the pandemic? Did you have a family member exposed to COVID and you had to quarantine resulting in losing work time?

Did you suffer a loss or reduction of child support because of COVID?

Were you unemployed through a company providing delivery or in-home services that reduced your hours or laid off employees?

Did you have increased medical expenses/increased insurance?

Were your hours reduced at any point during the pandemic?

Did you experience an increase in the cost of gasoline during the pandemic?

Did you experience an increase in food costs during the pandemic?

Was your child required to stay home because of school closings?

Were you required to quarantine because of exposure to COVID and experienced a loss of income?

Did you experience loss of a loved one?