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Date: May 31, 2022

Contact: Lisa Garrett, lgarrett@tctc.edu

(By Lisa Garrett)

Alumnus Dr. Smith Heavner Addresses TCTC’s Class of 2022

CLEMSON --- In his remarks to Tri-County Technical College’s Class of 2022, alumnus Dr. Smith Heavner told the graduates to expect feelings of self-doubt as they make their way into the workforce and beyond, but warned them not to let those feelings of insecurity get the better of them. “The imposter syndrome (defined as an internal experience of doubting yourself and feeling like a fraud) happens to everyone,” said Dr. Heavner, who currently serves as the scientific director of the CURE Drug Repurposing Collaboratory, an international research consortium.  Eight hundred and fifty-seven graduates from fall 2021 and spring 2022 were eligible to receive degrees, diplomas and certificates at Littlejohn Coliseum May 14.

“The imposter syndrome is that feeling that you’re not good enough, that you are making it up as you go along, but everyone else knows what they are doing. You will question whether you are qualified, capable. You will think I am making this up as I go along.  The secret is we are all making this up as we go along,” said Dr. Heavner.

“But your education, your training gives you the tools and resources to make better guesses about what to do.  The purpose of higher education isn’t to give you all the answers.  It is to help you understand what you do not know and to train you to find the information you need to make a decision. Don’t let the imposter syndrome get the better of you.  You are qualified, you are ready, you are capable.”

Even to this day Dr. Heavner, a public health scientist who is also a registered nurse with more than a decade of clinical experience, specializing in emergency and critical care nursing, says he repeats those words to himself. 

“I didn’t always make all the right choices,” he said. Nearly two decades ago 17-year-old Heavner met Jennifer Beattie (now Hulehan), then a TCTC English instructor who was teaching a dual enrollment class at D. W. Daniel High School, where Heavner was a student. 

He says he remembers the day Hulehan told him he had written a college-level paper. “She said I should be proud of my work. I vividly remember her saying that I would succeed in college -- not just that I should enroll in college,” he said. He decided he would be a nurse aide and figure things out from there.

He enrolled at TCTC, recognizing that small classes and better relationships with instructors were a plus. In 2008, Heavner was pursuing his associate degree in nursing but failed an obstetrics class. “It knocked me out of the program. I had never failed before,” he said. He didn’t give up, and after receiving a practical nursing degree in 2010 and passing the state board exam, he transitioned back into the ADN program. He earned his associate degree in nursing in 2012 and passed the NCLEX with ease.

“It took me six years to finish but my choice of school, our choice of school, made it possible for me to make it through. They assured me that my past failures didn’t define me, that I deserved to be there,” he said.

“My mistakes were not limited to the classroom. I felt like an imposter everywhere,” he said, recounting an incident when as  a student working as a nursing assistant, he froze during an emergency.  He said his colleagues coached and supported him. “With their mentorship and the education I received at Tri-County, I learned to manage that stress, that panic of being an imposter. I began to learn how to control that fear, the anxiety of being an imposter at the same school as you.”

He went on to earn a bachelor of science in nursing from Clemson University in 2014. He earned a doctor of philosophy from Clemson University in 2021, and currently he is engaged in the Global Clinical Scholars Program at Harvard Medical School.

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Greg Acatitlan, Jr., Nursing; Jacob Andrew Albertson, Mechatronics Technology; Hana Riley Anderson, Nursing; Storm Wilson Armstrong, SMA Structural Welding; Tiffani Starr Bagwell, Administrative Office Technology; Tabatha Caitlin Baker, Nursing; John Luke Barker, Mechatronics Technology; Kaylee Ann Barnes, University Studies; Kevin L. Bikas, Nursing; Dimitri Blanco, Technical Operators I; Melissa Dawn Brandenberger, University Studies; Christian Edward Brown, Industrial Electronics Technology; John H. Brown, University Studies; Jason Luke Bryant, Mechatronics Technology; Zachary Cole Cantrell, Computer Technology - Network Systems Management Emphasis; Madison Capps, University Studies; Brianna Carman, Business Administration; Ashlyn Taylor Cartee, Nursing; Sabrina Jessica Carter, Nursing; Stefani Rose Cosma, University Studies; Boston Taylor Coutinho, SMA Pipe Welding; Sierra Jasmine Cring, Nursing; Grayson Paul Davis, Associate in Science; William Andrew Davis, Industrial Electronics Technology; Luke Pearson Dayberry, Mechatronics Technology; Julianna F. Dellinger, Nursing; Lindsay A. Duncan, University Studies; Simon Elliott Durham, Mechatronics Technology; Colin Nicholas Edwards, Technical Operators I; Abigail Denae Eppes, SMA Structural Welding; Jason Troy Everhart, Nursing; Caleb Kenyon Fetterly, SMA Structural Welding; Rylee M. Fincannon, Nursing; Sidney Merritt Galloway, Nursing; Levi Kirk Garrett, Industrial Electronics Technology; Emilyn Scarlet Gossett, University Studies; Marlesia Andoria Hall, Nursing; Kimberly Malone Hamlett, Nursing; Jonathan C. Jaynes, Auto Engine Electrical Systems; Madison Grace Jennings, University Studies; Ryan Jackson Jones, HVAC Installer; Mallory Robin Kobza, University Studies; Leilani Lee, Practical Nursing; Dallas Alexander Lewis, University Studies; Adrienne Denise Lomax-Hall, Associate in Arts; Serenity Antwanette Lomax-Jones, Personal Care Aide; Brooklin Dale Looper, Nursing; Brian Conner Lowery, Associate in Arts; Lauren Lynch, Nursing; Ontorio J’Von Martin, Police Pre-Academy Training; Joseph Christain Massey, Mechatronics Technology; Sherryce Lynette Maxwell, Personal Care Aide; Sarah Leann McNeely, Nursing; Hugo Fernando Mejia, SMA Structural Welding; Shania Christine-Ramey Miller, Nursing; Geoffrey Patrick Mitchell, University Studies; Mackenzie Chyanne Morgan, Associate in Science; Neve Benet Morgan, Nursing; Luke Joseph Morris, Computer Technology - Software and Web Development Emphasis; Collin Douglas Morrison, University Studies; Landon Mote, Business Administration - Entrepreneur Emphasis; Crawford Owings, SMA Pipe Welding; Jessica Christine Patterson, Veterinary Technology; Phillip Andrew Pauley, Jr., Computer Technology - Network Systems Management Emphasis; Jason Richard Perry, Mechatronics Technology; Mary Alice Porter, Veterinary Technology; Chance Tristyn Poteat, University Studies; Brandi Alexis Rice, Practical Nursing; William Douglas Richardson, lll, Associate in Science; Brittany Nicole Roberts, Personal Care Aide; Emily Michelle Sauls, Practical Nursing; Joni L. Searcy, Administrative Office Technology; Kelly Vaughan Shelton, Nursing; Jessica Callie Sheppard, University Studies; Joseph John Shulik, II, Criminal Justice Technology; Aaron LeePaul Stillwell, HVAC Apprentice; Jordon K. Thibaudeau, CNC Programming and Operations; Cason James Turner, Technical Operators I; Cathy Sue Turner, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; Evan George Wandtke, Technical Operators I; Taylor G. Webb, Computer Technology - Cybersecurity and Forensics Emphasis; Cynthia Ann Wells, Administrative Office Technology; and Israel Williams, University Studies

From Liberty:

Selena Maria Alejos, Associate in Arts; Tanner Scott Avery, Technical Operators I; Gatlin Drake Bell, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; James Brandon Bowie, CNC Programming and Operations; Jacob Harrison Brown, Mechatronics Technology; Wade Stanley Childress, III, Technical Operators I; Patrick Chilton, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; Madison Hope Evatt, Business Administration; Casey Patrick Gambrell, Business Administration; Katie Hernandez-Chavez, University Studies; Hannah Alizabeth Holliday, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Kathryn Shea Houston, Nursing; Dalton Gregory Kelley, University Studies; Mason Allen Ladd, SMA Pipe Welding; Cameron A. Lewis, University Studies; Jack Scott Mason, Associate in Science; Jessica Dawn McCoy, Nursing; Nathanial Jennar Pajela, General Engineering Technology; Matthew David Parris, Associate in Science; David Isaac Patterson, Technical Operators I; Savannah Raine Kelly Rayfield, Associate in Arts; Logan Thomas Rich, Media Arts Production; Kara Denise Roesch, University Studies; Erick Alfredo Sanchez Martinez, Mechatronics Technology; Jolin Ash Schecter, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Jacob Eugene Tester, University Studies; and Amber Deserae Wilson, Nursing

From Pickens:

Jennifer Lee Acosta, Accounting; Liza Danielle Adams, Business Administration - Entrepreneur Emphasis; Bailey Blue Barton, Nursing; Robert Hanselle Bobo, Jr., Mechatronics Technology; Caleb Samuel Bowen, Technical Operators I; Andrew Jacob Bozeman, Technical Operators I; Wyatt Lucas Carlson, Industrial Electronics Technology; Morgan Ashlyn Chapman, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Amanda Coker, Medical Lab Technology; Grant Miles Durham, Industrial Electronics Technology; Emanuel Garcia, Industrial Electronics Technology; Seth J. Hager, Media Arts Production; Autum Spencer-Dawn Hardin, University Studies; Alicia Elizabeth Heard, University Studies; Celeste Hensley, University Studies; Kaitlyn Mariah Holder, Media Arts Production; Andrew Mark Hyde, Nursing; Katie Elizabeth Lee, Surgical Technology; Faith Ashton Little, Administrative Support; Ethan-Alan Harrison McCollum, Technical Operators I; Rebekah Grace Morgan, Associate in Arts; Jacob Richard Oberstar, Technical Operators I; Drake Heyward Powell, University Studies; Serena Bradale Purser, Business Administration - Entrepreneur Emphasis; Bradie Nicole Reece, CNC Programming and Operations; Lily Isis Rivera, University Studies; Taylor Faryn Robinson, Associate in Science; Felicia Catrice Rogers, Associate in Science; Emory Caden Satterfield, University Studies; Melissa Cheyenne Searcy, University Studies; Mary Shannon Walden, Practical Nursing; and Hunter Nichole Winchester, University Studies

From Six Mile:

Matthew Ryan Alexander, University Studies; Kenneth Madison Byrd, II, Associate in Arts; Caitlin Caroline Pardue Chapman, Nursing; Logan Bradley Crowe, Mechatronics Technology; Hailey Marie Livengood, Associate in Arts; Carson Thomas Mauldin, Engineering Design Technology; Amber Marie Riddle, Early Care and Ed Assist; Troy M. Riddle, Nursing; Erica Chapman Winegard, Nursing; and Crystal Michelle Worley, Practical Nursing

From Sunset:

Jacob Lewis Alexander, Industrial Electronics Technology; Roy Robert Broadwell, CNC Programming and Operations; and Peyton Cole Ellenburg, Industrial Electronics Technology



Natasha Konopadchenko, Business Administration - Operations Management Emphasis; and Jordon Kayla Latham, Veterinary Technology


Austin Bradley Bell, University Studies; Eand than Logan Burkhart, University Studies


Jalyn T. Polite, Associate in Arts


Hollis Ann Harper, University Studies


Samantha Gail Chumley, Practical Nursing


Jerrald Austin Manigault, Industrial Electronics Technology; and Drake Patrick Whetsell, Associate in Science


Jeremy Wayne Padgett, University Studies


Walker Ray Christian, University Studies; and Virginia Elizabeth White, University Studies

Beech Island

Alexis A. Hooper, Associate in Arts


Grant Donovan Lambert, University Studies; and Alexander Lee Tyndall, University Studies


Sara Grace Marbert, Nursing


Avery Jane Taylor, Associate in Arts


Ellie Katherine Ford, Nursing


Shannon McGhee, University Studies


Samuel Bernier Blount, Associate in Arts; Kyrle Alexander Luth, General Technology - Pre-Pharmacy; Nicholas Cunningham Oxley, University Studies; and Katherine Elizabeth Tillman, University Studies


Carson Grace Castor, University Studies


Natalia L. Diaz, Associate in Science


Heidi Savannah Weinzierl, University Studies


Laneshia Pearl Brown, University Studies; Ian Mark Shaver, University Studies; and Elizabeth A. Winchip, University Studies


Trevor Keith Larrimore, University Studies


Layne Andreana Schelest, University Studies

Due West

Ashley Elizabeth Dent, University Studies; and Kelsey Dunn Smith, Nursing


Marshall C. Wagner, University Studies


George Mcclain Terry, Digital Photography


Tyler Austin Belew, University Studies

Fountain Inn

Matthew Vernon Rodgers, Jr., Mechatronics Technology


Anna Kathryn Jolley, Associate in Arts; Colby Wallace Parker, and Criminal Justice Technology - Law Enforcement Operations Emphasis


Abigail C. Smith, University Studies


Madison Nicole Vause, University Studies

Goose Creek

Amjed A. Yacu, University Studies

Gray Court

Brantley Nicole Armstrong, Associate in Arts


Chelsea Christine Abdelgheny, Associate in Science; Dakota Cheyenne Barringer, Associate in Arts; Deinisha S. Bell, Associate in Science; Kathryn Patricia Besancon, University Studies; Danielle Breau, University Studies; Mario Junior Calderon, Police Pre-Academy Training; Megan Elizabeth Chandler, University Studies; Shelby Garbinsky Evans, Nursing; Kori E. Field, Practical Nursing; Shakeia Lashae Gary, University Studies; Jordan Haley Gosnell, Surgical Technology; Hannah Lanette Green, Business Administration; Kendra Renay Green, Mechatronics Technology; Kyra Mangum, Associate in Science; Elijah Grey Morrison, University Studies; Rachel Marceline Gutierrez Octavo, Veterinary Technology; Robert Thomas Reader, Jr., Emergency Medical Technology; Kendall Ann Sieber, Nursing; and Jacob Ryan Swartzel, University Studies


Nicholas H. Karpinski, University Studies; and Tangie Terina Robinson, Administrative Office Technology


Heidi Lynn Betrock, Police Pre-Academy Training; William Tobias Grove, University Studies; James Lee May, II, University Studies; Melissa Melody Page, Nursing; Garrett Wesley Shea, University Studies; and Sydney E. Welton, Nursing


Caroline Alleane Kou Urashima, University Studies


Tabitha J. Bridges, Nursing; and Baylie Jade Phillips, University Studies

Heath Springs

Adrianna Elizabeth Powers, University Studies


Caleb Royce Cook, Industrial Electronics Technology


Ashley J. Majewski, University Studies; and Adam Richard Schiferl, University Studies

Isle of Palms

Kaden Forde Shuman, University Studies; and George Grant Smith, University Studies


Telisha Freeland, Associate in Science


Levi Jacob Crapps, University Studies; Colden Bailey Harman, Associate in Science; Gracie Lynn Howard, Associate in Arts; and James Schneider, Associate in Arts


Caden Alexander Clamp, University Studies; Christen Lee Claytor, Nursing; and Dalton A. Pearce, University Studies


Ronnie Miranda Massey, Nursing


Lani-Grace Rose Powell, Associate in Science


Sarah Caitlin Calhoun, Associate in Science; and Emmalyn Joy McConnell, Associate in Science


Jessica Maya Gomez, Veterinary Technology


Genae Kennedy, Nursing

Mount Pleasant

Wyatt James Bradley, Sr., University Studies; Adam R. Crawford, University Studies; Chase Edward Hunter, HVAC Apprentice; Jay Kevin Kuehmeier, University Studies; and Caroline Brooke Watts, Veterinary Technology

Murrells Inlet

Sarah Grace High, University Studies

Myrtle Beach

Breece Wilson Hortis, University Studies; Maggie Lynn Lambert, University Studies; and Alyssa Marie Zabec, University Studies


Reagan E. Peel, University Studies

No City Listed

Charla Anne Cross, General Technology - Welding; Bryanna Hope Eaves, Surgical Technology; Courtney Rose Gantt, University Studies; Datron Jones, Mechatronics Technology; Bryeton Jason Morris, University Studies; Hannah Marie Schick, University Studies; Theodore Joseph Sulzen, IV, Nursing; Taylor Miriam Triplett, Nursing; and Maxwell Callahan Watson, University Studies


Matthew Quinn Montgomery, Criminal Justice Technology - Law Enforcement Operations Emphasis

Pawleys Island

Grace Carpenter Lewis, Associate in Arts; and Makenzie Rose Mary Mitchell, University Studies


Ava Laine Burton, University Studies

Rock Hill

Kaylee E. Ashley, University Studies; Henry Peyton Massey, General Technology - Welding; Mallory Brooke Pearson, University Studies; and Raegan Victoria Williams, University Studies


Alec Sebastian Batt, University Studies; Abbott Carol Crafts, Surgical Technology; Karissa Faith Cue-Andis, University Studies; Isabella Rose Gonzalez, University Studies; Heather Nicole Johnson, Associate in Arts; Taylor Blease King, Associate in Arts; Payton Elizabeth Lawrence, Surgical Technology; Ashley Renee McDonald-Kelley, Practical Nursing; Martha Chandria Washington, Practical Nursing; Tyler Isaac Wongmanee, Police Pre-Academy Training; and Lizzy Catherine Zito, University Studies


Caedmon James Bunch, Practical Nursing; Nicholas Scott Case, Business Administration - Marketing Emphasis; Grace Evatt Ivester, Veterinary Technology; Jackson Peyton Stevens, University Studies; and Carley Marie Wilson, University Studies


Matthew Jacob Bucayan, University Studies; David A. Griffith, University Studies; Connor C. Lowe, Associate in Arts; and Jacob Stevens Waring, University Studies


Laura Ruth Ackerman, University Studies


Greyson Sanders Cook, University Studies; and Emily Jewel Plumblee, University Studies


Chante Smith, Practical Nursing

Travelers Rest

William McDaniel Hendrix, University Studies; Jasmine Alexandra McMorris, Nursing; and Sydney Anglin Moody, Associate in Science


Grayson Riley Smoak, Associate in Science

West Columbia

Dominique Ashanti Stokes, Associate in Arts


Mitchell Reese Beard, University Studies; AnneMarie Lynn Lardieri, University Studies; Jordan Mackey, Veterinary Technology; and Joshua David McSwain, University Studies


Amber D. Citro, Nursing


About Tri-County Technical College

Tri-County Technical College, a public two-year community and technical college serving Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties in South Carolina, enrolls more than 9,000 students annually and offers more than 70 major fields of study, including computer technology, industrial electronics, mechatronics, nursing, and university transfer programs. Tri-County boasts the highest student success rate among two-year colleges in the state and ranks in the top one percent nationally for successful student transfers to four-year colleges and universities. To learn more, visit tctc.edu