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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           5/8/2019


CLEMSON --- In her remarks to Tri-County Technical College’s Class of 2019, State President, AT&T South Carolina Jane Sosebee asked the graduates to remember three things from her address: live in the present, remember the past with gratitude and look to the future with confidence. 


 “This time… this place…these people… this evening is special.

Look around you… at your fellow graduates. Some of you are still in high school. For others, high school was some time ago. And most of you fall somewhere in-between,” Sosebee said to the 664 graduates who received degrees, diplomas and certificates at Littlejohn Coliseum.  


“Tonight is significant because the degree or certificate you receive represents the achievement of an important goal – the reality of a dream. For some of you, the degree you receive marks the end of your planned formal education and you are looking forward to full-time careers. For others, it is a foundational building block. You are looking forward to four-year degrees or graduate programs. And others have been re-inventing and re-training yourselves for new careers or new opportunities,” said the Clemson resident.


She told the group that remembering the past partly means remembering Tri-County Technical College.


“The resources here, and the experiences you’ve had, were made possible in part by alumni … students like you who wanted to help assure that Tri-County continues to be one of the leading community colleges in the Southeast.”


She urged the graduates to give back through their time, talents and contributions to scholarships to help other students, like themselves, achieve their goals.


“But more than that, remembering the past is about the individuals who had an impact on your life,” she said.  She urged graduates to recognize and thank those who helped them achieve this milestone through their sacrifice and support.


As grads look to the future, she asked them to take a moment also to remember someone who invested in them. 


“Maybe it was a teacher, a coach, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, a Sunday school teacher or a friend. Think about that person. They gave you a gift, believing in you, encouraging you, and helping you become the person you are today. Take a moment to be grateful for them,” she said.


“In the days and years ahead, there will be opportunities for you to make a difference is someone else’s life. Not only will you have an opportunity, I believe you have a responsibility. The responsibility to encourage a friend to go back to school, to inspire a colleague to get additional training, to mentor a struggling student, or to babysit the child of a single parent while they go to class. And someday another graduate will be at their commencement filled with a sense of gratitude and they will think about you,” said Sosebee.  


Following the speech, Tri-County President Ronnie L. Booth and other College officials presented degrees, diplomas and certificates to the following graduates:

Anderson County

From Anderson:

Emily Jo Adams, Business Administration; Jordan Tyrell Alston, Manufacturing Operators I; Amani Mohammad Altwam, Associate in Arts; Andrew Case Austin, Associate in Arts; Erica McKenzie Barnes, General Technology - Early Childhood; Jason C. Bays, Associate in Science; Nancy Ibanez Beatriz, Associate in Science; Oneida Denise Bell, Management; Dinora Misha Bennett, Associate in Science; T'Keyah A. Blackmon, Media Arts Production; Cylan Davison Brissey, Associate in Science; DeAngelo Yatil Brown, Media Arts Production; Patricia Latiffany Brown, Early Care and Education; Rebecca Joyce Brown, Nursing; Dylan Lee Bryant, SMA Structural Welding; Ceairra Leqeshia Burden, Criminal Justice Technology; April Rene' Burdette, Management; Erin Grace Burkett, Accounting; Morgan G. Byrum, Business Administration; Caleb Lee Carey, Computer Technology; Luis A. Castaneda-Vilchez, Technical Operators I; Kodie Cheyanne Caudell, Business Administration; Seth Andrew Center, Mechatronics Technology; Hunter Staton Chitwood, Manufacturing Production I; Carol Rufila Cohron, Associate in Science; Robin Overfelt Conn, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Matthew Benjamin Cothran, General Technology - Mechatronics; Rachel Erin Cothran, Associate in Arts; Macauley Douglas Cowart, General Technology - Mechatronics; Bradlee Caitlin Craft, Early Childhood Development; Hunter Thomas Craft, Technical Operators I; Cameron Louis Crocker, Associate in Science; Joshua Steven Cutlip, Management; Chassidy Owens Dalton, Medical Laboratory Technology; Bradley A. Day, General Technology - Mechatronics; Robert Devita, Computer Technology; Dakota W. Dobbs, Business Administration; Raven C. Duckett, Associate in Arts; Griffin Bennett Duffey, Associate in Arts; Eddie Fennell Estrich, Jr., Technical Operators I; Ashley Marie Everette, Media Arts Production; Logan M. Evitt, Associate in Arts; Noah Raymond Floyd, Technical Operators I; Amanda Lynn Franklin, Nursing; Matthew Ray Franks, Computer Technology; Savannah Rose Fricks, Associate in Science; Joshua Daniel Fuller, General Technology - Mechatronics; John Carter Gamble, General Technology - Mechatronics; Danny Gutierrez, Automotive Technology; Dawson Glenn Hanks, Technical Operators I; Reece William Hawkins, SMA Structural Welding; Ashley Michelle Haynes, Nursing; Alexis Renee Heirwegh, Nursing; Tyanna Kimarri Holmes, Associate in Arts; Mathew Hornbeck, Technical Operators I; Jack R. Howard, Industrial Electronics Technology; Heather R. Hughes, Associate in Arts; Matthew Brian Isbell, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Rachael Elizabeth Jackson, Associate in Arts; David Stanley Johnson, Associate in Science; Abbie Danielle Jones, Administrative Office Technology; Lindsey Tyler Jones, Business Administration; Meg Holleman Junkins, Associate in Arts; Ashley Rae Kaufman, Administrative Office Technology; Niisha Renee Keels, Manufacturing Operators I; John Felix Keeslar, General Technology - Mechatronics; Joseph M. Kell, General Technology - Mechatronics; Heather Michelle Kellett, Practical Nursing; Natalie Alexis Kirkus, Associate in Arts; Jonathan Daniel Krope, General Technology - Mechatronics; Amy Jo Laskoski, Associate in Science; John Ryan Leatham, Associate in Arts; Isaac Xavier Looney, General Engineering Technology; Kolby Reed Looney, Manufacturing Production I; Charity Elizabeth Martin, Early Care and Education; Raychel Elizabeth McBride, Nursing; Ashley Breece McCabe, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Corey John McDuffie, Computer Technology; Nathaniel Klay McMillan, SMA Structural Welding; Russell Brandon Merck, General Technology - Mechatronics; Ebony Shanay Merriweather, Nursing; Brittney Little Minor, Associate in Arts; Carson Atlee Mosteller, Technical Operators I; Elizabeth P. Myers, Management; Jennifer Lynn Neary, Nursing; Rachael J. Nolan, Associate in Science; Ariel Armando Ochoa, Automotive Technology; Erica Diane Osborne, Nursing; Kasey Leanne Page, Nursing; Chris Joel Parrish, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Ansleigh Hope Patterson, Nursing; Jordan Lee Peeples, General Technology - Mechatronics; Logan Neal Pendergrass, Computer Technology; Jedidiah M. Peterson, General Engineering Technology; John Martin Peterson, General Engineering Technology; Donna Louise Phillips, Practical Nursing; Reid Andrew Pigeon, Media Arts Production; Grant Alexander Poore, Associate in Arts; Tara Arlene Porter, Nursing; Bethany Pounders, Associate in Arts; Joanna Lillian Pounders, Associate in Science; Brittany DeAnn Powell, Practical Nursing; Ahmed Shujaat Raza, General Technology - Mechatronics; David Michael Resa, SMA Structural Welding; Jacob Alexander Richards, Industrial Electronics Technology; Jennifer Ann Riggins, Nursing; Zachary Hunter Harley Roach, General Engineering Technology; Hannah Nicole Sahms, Veterinary Technology; Brian Sarver, Associate in Arts; Amy Paula Seay, Practical Nursing; Christian Paul Sevakis, Associate in Arts; William Henry Sharpe, Graphic Communications; Jacob Micheal Shaw, General Technology - Mechatronics; Owen Jack Sheets, Manufacturing Production I; Bryson McMahan Simmons, SMA Structural Welding; Charlton Adam Simmons, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; Jennifer Shirley Simmons, Associate in Science; Scarlett Crocker Simpson, Nursing; Cassandra Lee Skelton, Associate in Arts; Patricia Amber Slay, Nursing; Chantal Deanna Smith, Nursing; Kendall L. Smith, Associate in Science; Efthemia Mentis Stamey, Nursing; Tristan Garrett Stone, Technical Operators I; Deanna Quashawn Thomas, General Technology - Mechatronics; Mackayla Deanna Thomas, Manufacturing Production I; Meghan Leeann Thompson, Early Care and Education; Rebecca Grace Thompson, Medical Office Specialist; Jacquia Ragene Tucker, Business Administration; Dennis La'Vonte Turman, General Technology - Mechatronics; Lesley Dionne Tyre, Business Administration; Kelli Nicole Vanadore, Computer Technology; Jolie Denise Vest, Nursing; Kristi Nicole Vickery, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Theodore Jason Warneka, Industrial Electronics Technology; Bradlee Cole West, Associate in Science; Adam Anthony Wiles, General Technology - Mechatronics; Jamonique Juicette Williams, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; Amanda Reid Wise, Nursing; Caroline Marie Woodson, Media Arts Production; Marvin A. Woodward, III, Engineering Design Technology; and Tyaisyah Alexis Wright, Associate in Science

From Belton:

Chauncey Tre'Quan Anderson, Technical Operators I; Courtney Elizabeth Chreitzberg, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Michael Blake Cowart, Mechatronics Technology; Timothy Russell Dodds, Technical Operators I; Angela Ellis, Business Administration; Maxwell Isaiah Ford, Technical Operators I; Andrew Jacob Fowler, Manufacturing Operators I; Jada Kiana Galloway, Criminal Justice Technology; Gary Wayne Garland, Jr., Associate in Arts; Zach William Gunnells, SMA Structural Welding; Nicholas Addison Huffstetler, Technical Operators I; Cecilia Carrin Hunnicutt, Associate in Arts; LaPrincia K'Laza Johnson, Veterinary Technology; Braden Paul Martin, Mechatronics Technology; Samuel Ivey McCall, Technical Operators I; Retonya Annette Penry, Criminal Justice Technology - Paralegal Studies Emphasis; Dalton Taylor Perry, General Technology - Mechatronics; Kenneth Ian Perry, General Technology - Mechatronics; Troy Anthony Pierce, Technical Operators I; Isaac Allen Poore, Technical Operators I; Justin David Roberts, Engineering Design Technology; and Jerius Samuel Thomas, Industrial Electronics Technology

From Honea Path:

Christopher Shane Brewer, Nursing; Kristen McKenzie Brock, Media Arts Production; Michael Daniel Brocklehurst, General Technology - Mechatronics; Larry Ethan Burgess, Technical Operators I; Justin Michael Carey, General Technology - Mechatronics; Emily Patricia Estes, Associate in Arts; Kipper Davis Fallaw, Associate in Arts; Timothy James Gorman, Manufacturing Production I; Nathaniel Reese Griffin, Mechatronics Technology; Jasmine T. Lee, Associate in Science; Lyndsey M. Maners, Veterinary Technology; Miriam Valentine Moraru, Accounting; Scott Harrison Phillips, Basic Electronics; and Ethan Tyler Swaney, Technical Operators I

From Iva:

Marissa Grace Burdette, Associate in Science; Daniel Blake Jones, General Technology - Mechatronics; Ross Clayton Kelly, General Technology - Mechatronics; Aaron Jeffery King, SMA Structural Welding; Benjamin H. Owens, General Technology - Mechatronics; Julias Say, Technical Operators I; and Hunter Eugene Wicker, SMA Structural Welding

From La France:

Dylan Tyler Pierce, Technical Operators I

From Pelzer:

Gisela Avila-Zea, Associate in Science; Jessenia Avila-Zea, Associate in Science; Michelle Renee Binkley, Nursing; Joshua Adam Frasier, General Technology - Mechatronics; Chastity Faith Freeman, Associate in Science; Emily Lauren Nash, Practical Nursing; Ariana Michelle Pine, Veterinary Technology; Kimberley Caitlen Smith, Personal Care Aide; and Brittany Marie Ward, Nursing

From Pendleton:

Matthew Douglass Anderson, Medical Laboratory Technology; Madison Jane Andrews, Veterinary Technology; Caroline Megan Beatenbough, Nursing; Tyler Anthony Blasingame, General Technology - Mechatronics; Brittany Christina Brown, Nursing; Christopher Burke Chandler, Technical Operators I; James S. Fruster, Associate in Arts; Olivia Grace Hendrix, Nursing; Donna Elaine Hickey, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Tiandra Ke'Oshia Lee, Administrative Office Technology; Michael Claire Long, Associate in Arts; Samuel Andrew Mickel, Technical Operators I; Jacob Chase Morris, Associate in Science; Bryce McMillan Moxley, General Technology - Mechatronics; Riley Day Partee, Nursing; Suzanne Alayah Shabaan, Associate in Arts; and William Cody Woodson, Manufacturing Production I

From Piedmont:

Matthew Carson Burdette, General Technology - Mechatronics; Jennifer Lynn Carden, Practical Nursing; Roger Edward Deagostino, General Technology - Mechatronics; Austin Patrick Donohue, Media Arts Production; Robert Luke Gowan, Manufacturing Operators I; Lisa Lynn Hill, Nursing; Wendy Rena Hoffman, Nursing; Angelina Rose James, Nursing; Ladrona C. Jones, Administrative Office Technology; Christopher Curtis Phillips, Associate in Arts; Kathryn Ellice Sopko, Medical Office Specialist; and Jessica Briar Thompson, Veterinary Technology

From Sandy Springs:

Daniel Allan Menzel, Manufacturing Production I; and Blake William O'Shields, Industrial Welding

From Starr:

John Michael Callahan, Jr., General Technology - Mechatronics; Chavid Lee Carlson, Technical Operators I; Mycah Tillman Caudle, Technical Operators I; Julie Anna Coward, Criminal Justice Technology; Marlana B. Davis, Early Care and Education; Zachary Scott Fisher, Mechatronics Technology; Jana Brentae Harvey, Associate in Science; Brandon Dayne Massey, SMA Structural Welding; Devan Bryan McBride, General Technology - Mechatronics; and Jason James Santosky, Technical Operators I

From Townville:

Bryan Scott Barker, Industrial Electronics Technology; Daryl Gilliam, SMA Structural Welding; Rebekah Jewell Hauser, Media Arts Production; Bailey Lynn Hightower, Industrial Electronics Technology; Samuel Jake Humphries, General Technology - Mechatronics; and Joseph Michael Lightsey, Associate in Arts

From Williamston:

Mary Ann Boggess, Associate in Science; Jonathan Charles Cole, Manufacturing Production I; Ryan Tyler Davis, Automotive Technology; Jesus Irene De Castro, Criminal Justice Technology; Evan Andrew Durham, Industrial Electronics Technology; Keokila Luchinca Henry, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Cameron Tyler Joye, Technical Operators I; Joel Bladimir Munoz, Industrial Electronics Technology; Daniel Bryant Newsome, General Technology - Mechatronics; Jacqueline Diana Michelle Rose, Nursing; and Chad Scott Sommers, Criminal Justice Technology

Oconee County

From Fair Play:

Michael Delvin McClure, General Technology - Mechatronics; and Joeseph Dylan Pearson, Computer Technology

From Mountain Rest:

Dakota Noel Bright, Veterinary Technology; Kristen Alexis Cobb, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Sheila Dawn Lowery, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Daegan M. Moore, Media Arts Production; Cassie Sue Marie Queen, Accounting; and Kaleigh Savannah Sandifer, Associate in Science

From Salem:

Heather Anne Barker, Administrative Office Technology; Dylan Isaac Campbell, General Technology - Mechatronics; Tyler Michael Cobb, General Technology - Welding; Teresa Kathleen DeRosa, Associate in Arts; Ethan Kyle Edwards, Technical Operators I; Kindra Melea Manning, Nursing; Carrie Elizabeth Miller, Business Administration; Haley Leann Moore, Associate in Science; William Edward Sorenson, Media Arts Production; Dalton Michael Taylor, Media Arts Production; and Ivan Alexander Tenorio, Business Administration

From Seneca:

Jessica Lynn Arnold, Associate in Science; Jared Ayres, General Technology - Mechatronics; Noah Andrew Bedenbaugh, BA-Entrepreneur Emphasis; Tyler Dakota Bryant, Manufacturing Production I; Dylan Blake Burrell, Associate in Science; Kelly Marie Collins, Manufacturing Production I; Kelly Michelle Collins, Nursing; Alexandra Yvonne Dense, Veterinary Technology; Cody Cheyenne Dillard, Associate in Arts; Hannah P. Douglas, Business Administration - Marketing Emphasis; Anna G. Dunsford, Nursing; Javier Elias Amador, Technical Operators I; Berenice Fajardo Alonso, Accounting; Gregorio Gonzalez, III, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Brandalyn Danielle Hodges, Media Arts Production; Mary Marie Jackson, Nursing; Jordan Michelle Jones, Nursing; Daniel R. Lawrence, General Technology - Mechatronics; Lashanai Alicia Elainna Lawrence Roach, Medical Laboratory Technology; Tony Wayne LeRoy, General Engineering Technology; Shaqalia Janelle Mackey, Associate in Science; Lance G. McDaniel, Associate in Science; Michael Lee McDaniel, Business Administration; Anna Alexandria McIntire, Associate in Science; Christina Scealf Miller, Nursing; Sheradon Tanesha Moon, Nursing; Emilee Lakyne Moore, Computer Technology; Donna Marie Morris, Technical Operators I; Kristopher Ross Morrison, CAD/CAM/CNC Fundamentals; Sherry Mullinax, Management; Dina Ontiveros, Nursing; Logan Taylor Patterson, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; Ethan Nickolas Pitts, Management; Zachary Joe Reese, General Technology - Welding; Taylor Brooke Reeves, Nursing; Jonathan David Rollis, General Technology - Mechatronics; Melissa Caroline Shook, Associate in Arts; Jared Logan Smith, Industrial Electronics Technology; Divine Currie Snyder, General Engineering Technology; Joshua Nathaniel Steele, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Trevor Keaton Stephens, Auto Engine Electrical Systems; William David Trax, Associate in Science; April Lynn Weidenbenner, Veterinary Technology; Austin Tyler White, Automotive Technology; Lee Edward Williams, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Asha Dorine Wilson, Nursing; Hillary Spearman Winsch, Nursing; and Britton Ashley Young, Nursing

From Tamassee:

Nora Lee Elliott, Industrial Electronics Technology; and Tristin Colt D. Hamilton, Technical Operators I

From Walhalla:

Maggie Caitlin Brewer, Media Arts Production; Eda Carolina Carroll, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Wendy Cortez, Early Care and Education; Haley Elizabeth Crane, Management; Meghan Leigh Cromer, Early Care and Education; Steven Matthew DuBose, Associate in Arts; Emily Sheyenne Frost, Management; Alana R. Gibson, Associate in Science; Kalin Scott Gibson, Technical Operators I; Alayna Ann Hall, Nursing; Derek R. Keels, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Brittany H. Knox, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Jordan Elizabeth Marina, Veterinary Technology; Adam Nicholas Moore, Industrial Electronics Technology; Kaytie Carol-Lynn Moss, Early Care and Education; Melissa Kay Mueller, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Kristin Zulfia Myers, Media Arts Business; Raymond S. Olvera, Associate in Science; Stephanie Leigh Richardson, Associate in Science; Marco Sanchez, Technical Operators I; Alejandro Sosa, Industrial Electronics Technology; Jesus Sosa, General Technology - Mechatronics; Madison Gloria Stegall, Criminal Justice Technology; Julie Lawson Taylor, Nursing; Lydia N. Thompson, Nursing; Chloe Elizabeth Watts, Veterinary Technology; Lauren Renee Wigington, General Technology - Mechatronics; Brooke Elkins Wilson, Nursing; Robbie Yousif Yasin, Management; and Uriel Zenteno, Associate in Arts

From West Union:

Haley Jean Achenberg, Associate in Arts; Chase Arthur Bentz, General Technology - Mechatronics; Kayla Elaine Pinion Durham, Associate in Arts; Kelsey L. Hastings, Associate in Arts; Heather Erin Keylon, Nursing; Ryan Tyler Long, Media Arts Production; and Charles Christopher Robinson, Criminal Justice Technology

From Westminster:

Katherine Lynn Burrell, Associate in Science; Robecca Lashetha Cherry, Associate in Science; Abbey Rebecca Coker, Nursing; Logan Marie Coker, Nursing; Cameron David Cooke, General Technology - Mechatronics; Morgan Dannielle Empkie, Manufacturing Production I; David Garrett Gibson, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; Dorian LaVette Grant, Associate in Science; Austin Luke- Roy Holland, Associate in Arts; Corey Brett Jackson, General Technology - Mechatronics; Jordan Mackenzie Jones, Early Care and Education; Anna Runette Martin, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Seth G. Mclaughlin, General Technology - Mechatronics; Kellie Darlene Miller, Associate in Arts; Vanessa Ann Morse, Associate in Arts; Jessie Nicole Norton, Veterinary Technology; Leah King Pelfrey, Nursing; James Kristian Pickens, Computer Technology; Meagan McMahan Poston, Associate in Arts; Letitia Hope Price, General Engineering Technology; Kurtis George Reed, Engineering Design Technology; Daniel Mark Scheuer, Technical Operators I; Gabrielle Annette Marie Slack, Associate in Science; Diamond Alexander Smoak, Manufacturing Production I; Matthew Justin Turner, Industrial Electronics Technology; and Gaetanina Urso, Early Care and Education

Pickens County

From Central:

Paulino Arredondo Vaca, General Technology - Mechatronics; Kelsey Rebekah Bagwell, BA-Entrepreneur Emphasis; Danielle Lee Baker, Associate in Arts; Olena Bandera, Medical Lab Technology; Cole Alan Betcher, Criminal Justice Technology; Aidan W. Bish, General Engineering Technology; Austin Dean Bolding, Criminal Justice Technology; Brian Emmanuel Carbon, General Engineering Technology; John Randy Chapman, Jr., Industrial Electronics Technology; Morgan Leigh Davis, Associate in Science; Tyler Ann Durham, Associate in Science; Miranda Fay, Medical Laboratory Technology; Barbara Elizabeth Fincannon, Personal Care Aide; Juwan H. Freeman, Manufacturing Production I; Maritza Gaona Lopez, Nursing; Breanna Nicole Gianfrancesco, Early Care and Education; Emily Page Harris, Nursing; Gary L. Hedrick, CNC Programming and Operations; Madison Danielle Herron, Associate in Arts; Timera Reneea Jones, Administrative Office Technology; Kenneth Chad Keith, Industrial Electronics Technology; Dohnoven Glenn Kerstetter, Automotive Technology; John Phillip Lanci, Jr., Nursing; Daniel Thomas Leonard, Associate in Arts; Matthew Tyler Lewis, Computer Technology; Nina R. Mannis, Veterinary Technology; Yesenia Montes, Associate in Science; Abigail Grace Parham, Manufacturing Operators I; Stephanie Lynn Porter, Associate in Science; Randie Puma, Associate in Arts; Jill Anne Roy, Nursing; Briana Ladone Stargel, Accounting; Janice A. Stephens, Accounting; Alexander Gregoryevich Tracy, Computer Technology; Allyson Elizabeth Travis, Veterinary Technology; Kathleen Marie Williams, Veterinary Technology; Kyla Marie Willis, Associate in Arts; Michelle Diane Wilson, Nursing; and Sarah Michelle Yarbrough, Veterinary Technology

From Clemson:

Sandra Epling Bridges, Nursing; Todd Franklin Cartee, Accounting; Tevin Terrill Gleaton, Criminal Justice Technology; Claudia Evelyn Gwinn, Veterinary Technology; Landon Eugene Hall, Media Arts Production; Maxwell F. Jeffers, Criminal Justice Technology; Sarah Natalie Kimpton, Veterinary Technology; Zachary Bryan McIntosh, Associate in Arts; Jessica Joanna Rodriguez, Business Administration; Michael Lee Segura, Media Arts Production; Sarah Katherine Kuebler Sexton, Nursing; Tyler Francis Smith, Criminal Justice Technology; Matthew Joseph Steele, Media Arts Production; Portia Weems, Practical Nursing; Grace Dennison Whitwell, Associate in Arts; Monica Leigh Wilson, Nursing; Robert Corbin Wilson, Computer Technology; and Horace Eugene Young, Jr., Manufacturing Production I

From Easley:

Richard Chase Allison, SMA Structural Welding; Edward Arvidson, Accounting; Kayla Rosalee Bader, Nursing; Sarai Bautista-Perez, Associate in Arts; Anastasia V. Berdan, Computer Technology; Christopher Ross Boothe, General Technology - Mechatronics; William Daniel Brackett, Industrial Electronics Technology; Thomas Donald Bridges, Administrative Office Technology; Christian Edward Brown, Technical Operators I; Haley Jessica Carter, Associate in Science; Cala Jean Casio, Associate in Science; Lindsey Coe Chapman, Associate in Science; Erin Susanne Chastain, Veterinary Technology; Noah Andrew Childers, Technical Operators I; Parker Reece Couch, Computer Technology; Sierra Lynn Couchon, Industrial Electronics Technology; Joseph Nathaniel Davenport, Technical Operators II; Darci Deal, Nursing; Ashlyn Renee Dexter, Medical Laboratory Technology; Jennifer Jo Doucette, Accounting; Lesley Moriah Ellison, Nursing; Taylor Marie Fowler, Practical Nursing; Chandler Elise Galloway, Business Administration; Ashley M. Goss, Business Administration - Management Emphasis; Kayla Michelle Grant, Early Care and Education; Lillie Anne Gurrie, Associate in Science; Olivia Rachel Gurrie, Associate in Science; Paula Marie Haley, Administrative Office Technology; Nicholas Ryan Hamor, Associate in Science; Jake Alan Harbin, HVAC Apprentice; Reagan Camille Headwell, Business Administration; Matthew Stewart Hendricks, General Technology - Mechatronics; Catie Rae Jaynes, Associate in Science; Nicholas Reed Johnson, SMA Structural Welding; Andrew Reed Jones, Computer Technology; Kimberly Stratton Kelley, Practical Nursing; Brooklyn Marie Ladd, Criminal Justice Technology; Cleveland Quade Latimer, Manufacturing Production I; Haley Christine Long, Nursing; Johnathyn Nicholas Long, Industrial Electronics Technology; Carrie Danielle Lunsford, Nursing; Ashley Gabriel Lynch, Nursing; Joshua Neal McCarthy, Associate in Science; Autumn Dawn McLees, Practical Nursing; Jacob Michael McNeely, Criminal Justice Technology; Kameron Jonrichard Merck, General Technology - Mechatronics; Shelby Marie Millington, Criminal Justice Technology; Zachary Christian Monteith, Technical Operators II; Emalee Marie Moore, Early Care and Education; Lynsey Hope Newton, Criminal Justice Technology - Paralegal Studies Emphasis; Teresa Marie Nix, Nursing; Scott Michael Ours, General Engineering Technology; Skylynn Celeste Owen, Associate in Arts; Kim M. Pace, Personal Care Aide; Carissa Faith Raffa, Technical Operators I; Nicholas Paul Rampey, Industrial Electronics Technology; Stephen M. Register, General Technology - Mechatronics; Amanda Maree Reynolds, Veterinary Technology; James Allen Reynolds, Media Arts Production; Devin Tyler Roberts, Computer Technology; Mikala Arnese Idalis Ross, Nursing; Alicia Nicole Sapp, Nursing; Kelsey Rachell Scranton, Medical Laboratory Technology; Monica Wanis Siha, Nursing; Josh Scott Slusser, Industrial Electronics Technology; Michael Bradley Smith, Criminal Justice Technology; Crystal Marie Thomas, Practical Nursing; Kerri Jeanine Thomas, Practical Nursing; Zachary Joseph Paul Tortorici, Technical Operators II; Erin Rose Underwood, Nursing; Sheyenne Marie Van Sciver, Computer Technology; Juan Pablo Vasquez, Management; Austin Alexander Wilson, Business Administration; and Alex Thurman Youngblood, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology

From Liberty:

Bradley Read Adcox, Computer Technology; Brandon Baldwin, SMA Structural Welding; Jack Ryan Brissey, Technical Operators I; Jacob Conor Brown, Industrial Electronics Technology; Jessica Marie Cooley, Nursing; Samantha Erin Cope, Practical Nursing; Justin Taylor Craig, General Technology - Welding; Madison Gabrielle Craven, Associate in Arts; Justus Fox Gilstrap, Media Arts Production; Jessica Marie Glasbrooks, Associate in Science; Kaitlyn Breanna Harris, Administrative Office Technology; Nicholas Eugene Inman, Manufacturing Production I; Julia Nicole Morgan, CNC Programming and Operations; Patrick D'ontae Ndieli, General Technology - Mechatronics; Katherine Rubyelaine Nimmons, Nursing; Mary Margaret-Stanley Patten, Nursing; Pamela Smith Powell, Nursing; Autumn May Shepherd, Associate in Arts; Waymond David Strickland, III, General Technology - Mechatronics; Dominick Allen Tanner, Manufacturing Operators I; Hailey Nicole Taylor, Associate in Science; Megan A. Thrift, Medical Laboratory Technology; Davis Adam Tolleson, Computer Technology; and Jessica Louise Trotter, Practical Nursing

From Norris:

Cody James McCall Bryant, General Technology - Welding; and Christian Michael McCall, Criminal Justice Technology

From Pickens:

Coleman Dunn Anthony, SMA Structural Welding; Jessica Renee Bagwell, Nursing; Dakota Lillean Cantrell, Criminal Justice Technology - Paralegal Studies Emphasis; Samantha Jessie Crumb, Veterinary Technology; Matthew Scott Dalton, Technical Operators I; Amanda Lynn Darnell, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Brittney Shea Davis, Personal Care Aide; Grant Miles Durham, Technical Operators I; Maryanne Hosler Ebersole, Nursing; Hannah Grace Golden, Administrative Office Technology; Jesi Moore Gravely, Associate in Science; Adam Joe Griffin, Engineering Design Technology; Jennifer Nichole Hammock, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; Amanda Alloria Ison, Nursing; Aaron Key, General Engineering Technology; Jarrett Austin Painter, Introduction to Machining; Ronald Keith Queen, Industrial Electronics Technology; Megan Sammons Richey, Early Care and Education; Felicia Catrice Rogers, Practical Nursing; Leslie Nicole Sanchez, Associate in Arts; Hannah Grace Snelson, Associate in Arts; and Cierra Cathryn Sorrells, Nursing

From Six Mile:

Jennifer Yvonne Edwards, Criminal Justice Technology - Paralegal Studies Emphasis; Tiffany Cheyanne Mauldin, Nursing; Alexander Michael McCoy, Management; and Megan Mariah Smith, Nursing

From Sunset:

Grayson Nicholas Broom, Technical Operators I; and John Franklin Ingram, Technical Operators I


From Abbeville:

Jaleisa Leanne Marshall, Nursing; and Enoch Boyd Vaughn, Media Arts Production

From Aiken:

Rachel Suzanne Christenbury, Medical Laboratory Technology; and Layton Ray Woody, Business Administration

From Atlanta:

Raven Nichole Dennis, Associate in Arts

From Barnwell:

Eric Michael Ortiz, CNC Programming and Operations

From Boiling Springs:

Ashli Nikohl Likes, Veterinary Technology; and Rayshanda Russell, Associate in Science

From Bradenton:

Garrett John Lundy, Industrial Welding

From Braselton:

Sonya Jo Davis, Nursing

From Brunson:

Bobby Wilson Holland, III, General Engineering Technology

From Chapin:

Morgan Rose Bauerlin, Veterinary Technology

From Charleston:

Madison A. Janson, Associate in Arts

From Clayton:

Brandon Alexander Robb, General Technology - Mechatronics

From Columbia:

Cameroun M. George, Engineering Design Technology; and Veronica Ku'ulei LeGrand, Nursing

From Covington:

Melissa Ashley Campbell, Nursing

From Donalds:

Justin Gleen Frankum, Technical Operators I


Mason Phillip Conley, General Technology - Welding; and Garrett Gibson, Associate in Science

From Elgin:

Alyssa Hathorne, Associate in Science

From Fort Mill:

Garrett Bradley Becknell, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; and Chandler Worthy Gladu, Nursing

From Gaffney:

Jenna Katherine Godfrey, Nursing


Mary H. Simpson, Nursing

From Greenville:

Anna Elizabeth Barrett, Veterinary Technology; Emilee Louise Clark, Media Arts Production; Louange Coffi, Manufacturing Management and Leadership; Ivy D. Evans, Veterinary Technology; Daniel Morrell Gentry, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Jennifer Nichole Green, Nursing; Katherine Emily Fatemeh Jalali, Veterinary Technology; Daniel Trent Johnson, General Engineering Technology; Angie Michelle Johnston, Veterinary Technology; Timothy Eugene Loving, Mechatronics Technology; Zachary T. Marion, Associate in Arts; Shadequa Ladiyia Nicole Sloss, Associate in Science; Amber Brittany Suttles, Nursing; and Matthew Alan Suttles, Nursing

From Greenwood:

Charles Joseph Rimsky, IV, Nursing

From Greer:

Lindsey Brooke Shealy, Veterinary Technology

From Hartwell:

Ashley A. Hardy, Nursing

From Hilton Head Island:

Nicole A. Frey, Nursing

From Hodges:

Jamie Cohen, Associate in Science

From Holly Hill:

Abigail Lee Winquest, Medical Laboratory Technology

From Hollywood:

Ashtyn Marie Laserna, Nursing

From Joanna:

Austin Ryan Foster, Associate in Arts

From Laurens:

Julia Leigh Crews, Associate in Arts; and Tyler Klay Jacks, Media Arts Production

From Leesville:

Jade Mallory Temples, Associate in Arts

From Lexington:

Sheldon Clayton Aschleman, Mechatronics Technology

From Little Mountain:

Andrew Lane Attaway, Automotive Technology

From Lumberton:

Erin T. Johnson, Associate in Arts

From Martin:

Lexie London, Practical Nursing

From Mauldin:

Tiffany Michelle Hallums, Nursing; and Shannon Anastasia Kaye, Veterinary Technology

From Merritt Island:

Blaine William Roper, Automotive Technology

From Mount Pleasant:

Jessica Lauren Neale, Associate in Science

From Mt. Pleasant:

Nathan M. Spickerman, Associate in Arts

From Newport News:

Carrie Griffin Baxley, Industrial Electronics Technology

From Ney:

Robert Neil Joost, Nursing

From Oak Ridge:

Alexandria Lee Richey, Associate in Science

From Ocala:

Jordan Matthew Turner, Management

From Pawleys Island:

Daniel Lindvall Bierman, Associate in Arts; and Marshall Merton Perry, General Engineering Technology

From Spartanburg:

Matthew Rex Cogdell, Technical Operators I

From Summerville:

Taylor Lynn Fields, Associate in Science; and Penny Graham Sharpe, Nursing

From Sumter:

Sarah-Katherine Burke, Associate in Science

From Taylors:

David Walker Garrison, Management; and Cameo Marie Smith, Nursing

Other graduates include:

Kayla Danielle Apsey, Nursing; Michael James Burry, General Engineering Technology; Melissa Mitchum Clasby, Practical Nursing; Willa Latashia Culbreath, Nursing; Sheerie Lavelle Goodine, Manufacturing Production I; Shannon Brooke Petit, Veterinary Technology; and Tabitha Amber Wright, Nursing (Deceased)