ANDERSON --- Tri-County Technical College's Corporate and Community Education Division is teaming up with AARP to help older job seekers. 

The Back to Work 50-plus workshop will be held at Tri-County's Anderson Campus QuickJobs Center Thursday, November 3, at 10 am.

AARP started the Back to Work program across the country to help older job seekers land a job.

"Individuals who are 50 plus have a number of difficulties. Sometimes they find themselves displaced. And when they're displaced, they may not have a resume or they may not have a current resume," Sandra Strickland, program director at Tri-County Technical College, said.

The workshop asks job seekers to target a particular job, research what the job requires and prepare themselves for it.

"Sometimes we find with the Back to Work 50 population that they may lack the basic computer skills that are needed in the work force. So part of what our program does is to bridge that gap. We provide basic computer skills training," Strickland explained.

Applications will be examined to see who qualifies. Coaching starts on Friday. There will be a four-week course, followed by job training.

For more information or to register for the free workshop, call toll-free: 1-855-850-2525.