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Date: August 18, 2022

Contact: Lisa Garrett,

(By Lisa Garrett)

Cindy Mobley Receives Presidential Medallion for Staff Excellence

PENDLETON – Cindy Mobley earned the highest award given to staff at Tri-County Technical College (TCTC) at an annual fall convocation. 

Mobley, coordinator for student support for dual enrollment and career pathways, received the Presidential Medallion for Staff Excellence. Dr. Galen DeHay, president of TCTC, presented her the medallion. 

For nearly five years, Mobley has worked with Technical Career Pathways (TCP) and dual enrollment programs whose goal is to develop a pipeline of individuals who are skilled and ready to fill in-demand jobs at manufacturing facilities across the Upstate. Workforce development is just one of the many advantages of the program that since its inception in 2013 has provided high school sophomores, juniors and seniors with a clear path to a debt-free education that prepares them for careers in manufacturing. 

“Cindy Mobley is simply the definition of excellence to me; she strives daily to be the best person, the best daughter, the best friend, and, for TCTC, the best employee that is representative of the mission of providing a transformative experience for students,” said Marla Cobb, director of high school engagement and outreach.

Mobley’s dedication to student success is reflected in her interaction with students and their parents, said Cobb. “With every single student, she strives to help them achieve their goals. Her colleagues and our school partners know that she works diligently with our technical career programs and that students are safe with her advisement and guidance. When parents are unsure of how to help their high school student navigate dual enrollment, she guides the parents to an understanding of how to turn over academic responsibilities to students in such a kind and gentle way. And, every single person feels that they have gotten the best of Cindy when she has assisted, and they, no doubt, have gotten the best of TCTC when she provides help,” said Cobb.

She never lets colleagues carry a project alone, said Cobb. “Cindy jumps in with both feet when she feels that she can support students, high schools, CTE centers, or colleagues. Whether it is moving a table for an event, or moving a mountain to get a student into a program or the help they need that will change the trajectory of their future, she always works hand-in-hand with those around her. Her goal is to make everyone's life better and to be the best she can be; She does not give up on a student even when they don't necessarily believe in themselves. She is the rare combination of both cheerleader and warden. She will cheer you on while holding you accountable to your own goals and personal responsibilities for your own success.”

Dr. Mandy Elmore, dean of the Engineering and Industrial Technology (EIT) Division, echoed Cobb’s comments. “Cindy goes beyond the call of duty and provides premier service routinely. TCP students attend EIT Division classes at the Anderson, Pendleton and Oconee Campuses, ITC, Anderson I & II Career Center, and the Pickens Career Center. TCP students enroll in day and evening classes. Cindy works with each student individually to ensure their needs are met,” she said.

“Cindy is invested in our students. She works with students to ensure they are provided the support needed to face the challenges and rigor of college-level coursework. Cindy ensures students have the very best opportunity to be successful,” said Dr. Elmore.

Paul Phelps, TCTC department head for welding and CNC, and faculty work with Mobley on TCP classes at the ITC in Sandy Springs. “She is responsible for making all of the pieces work together between the high schools, TCTC, students' programs of study and instructors, said Phelps.

“She schedules time to ensure she can meet with and speak to all divisional dual enrollment students,” said Phelps. “This means, mornings, afternoons, and evenings. As required, she makes follow-up appointments to make sure no one is missed. She sets the tone for a student's success, and does so with care for the individual. She makes a difference, one student at a time.”

Justin Herndon   program director for HVAC, said he has seen the TCP program rapidly grow under Mobley’s leadership. “It is amazing to watch Cindy interact with all the TCP students during the information sessions, the orientations that we do and the success seminars. Cindy knows every student by name, and most of the time knows the parents. She is so amazing to watch in how she guides these students through the process.”  

“The Technical Career Pathways for high school students thrive because of Cindy, students excel because of Cindy, students achieve because of Cindy, and our high schools instinctively promote dual enrollment at TCTC because of their trust in Cindy,” said Cobb.

Mobley joined TCTC in 2015. She has devoted her career to higher education, beginning as assistant principal for the Bradford Catholic School System from 1996 – 2002, and serving as principal of St. Bernard Elementary Middle School from 2002 – 5.  She and her family relocated to South Carolina in 2005, and she began working as an instructional coach and adult educator in the Greenville County schools until 2015. 

Mobley earned a bachelor of science degree in education from Clarion University of PA and a master of science degree in education from St. Bonaventure University of New York. She is the recipient of the 2010 Gerry Pfaehler Endowment Award and was an Olympic Torch Bearer in 2002. Mobley and her husband, Arthur, live in Simpsonville.

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