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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           5/2/2018

                                                                                                (By Lisa Garrett)­

PENDLETON --- Dr. Paul Rathwell, who teaches economics classes in Tri-County Technical College’s Social Sciences Department, received the College’s 2018 Adjunct Faculty Presidential Award today (May 2).

This award is given annually at the spring faculty/staff convocation to the adjunct faculty member who is recognized for excellence in teaching, who has consistently high student evaluations and who supports the philosophy and goals of the College.

Dr. Rathwell, who has taught at the College since 2004, is retired from Clemson University where he was a state specialist for the extension service for 24 years.

“Rathwell’s vast experiences working with Clemson University, Texas A & M University and the USDA are put to good use in the knowledge and life lessons he shares with his students,” said Penny Edwards, social sciences department head.

“He often goes out of his way to help a student understand course material,” said Edwards.  “In fact I have seen him stay behind after his often back-to-back classes to deliver one-on-one tutoring for his students.”  One student commented, “He was very helpful in his lectures and provided us with great explanations of a rather confusing subject.  He kept the class entertaining without sacrificing learning, an absolutely ideal scenario.”

Added Lara Wrightson, political science instructor, “Rathwell consistently captures the attention of his students with his acerbic wit and sharp sense of humor.  He uses the art of storytelling to weave a tapestry that is styled to keep the focus of his students and to enhance learning. His teaching methods are memorable long after students have left the classroom. Tri-County benefits immensely from having an instructor of his caliber.”

“Paul’s understanding of economic theory is matched only by his years of research and application,” said Jeremy McCracken, social sciences instructor.

“As a full-time faculty member, I am often made aware by students whether in the classroom or through advising, how much they appreciate and enjoy having had the opportunity to have been part of Paul’s lecture.”