PENDLETON --- Recent graduates of Tri-County Technical College's Electrocardiogram (ECG), also known as EKG, certificate class scored a 100 percent pass rate on the national Certified EKG Technicians exam. 

All eight graduates of the 10-week course passed the National Healthcareer Association (NHA)-administered online exam and are now designated as certified electrocardiograph technicians.

The 110-120-question exam tests the student on the cardiovascular system, medical terminology, EKG interpretation, EKG equipment, patient rights and professionalism.

An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a machine that collects data about the heart's activity. For example it measures the rate and rhythm of the heart's electrical activity. Tri-County's ECG technician training program prepares each student to effectively and efficiently administer EKG tests, record patient data and provide results to physicians and other medical staff.

"Due to an aging population and a strong prevalence of heart-related conditions, the demand for ECG technicians is increasing," said Andrela Riley, director of Tri-County's health care programs in the Corporate and Community Education Division.  "By administering ECGs/EKGs, technicians are able to help make a life-changing difference by helping people regardless of their age prevent and treat heart disease." 

            Riley said employment opportunities are at private practices, hospitals, private cardiology clinics, and laboratories.

Tri-County's ECG program is offered through the College's Corporate and Community Education Division's Center for Healthcare Excellence.  The curriculum includes medical terminology with anatomy and physiology; AHA BLS for health care professional CPR; and ECG technician (theory and clinicals).  

The next ECG class begins November 9 at the Pendleton Campus.  Contact 646-1700 for more information.