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Date: August 13, 2020
CONTACT: Lisa Garrett,

By Lisa Garrett


Jonathan Chastain Receives Adjunct Faculty

Presidential Award at Tri-County Technical College

 PENDLETON --- Jonathan Chastain, who teaches mathematics classes for Tri-County Technical College’s comprehensive studies department, received the College’s 2020 Adjunct Faculty Presidential Award.

    This award is given annually at the fall faculty/staff convocation to the adjunct faculty member who is recognized for excellence in teaching, who has consistently high student evaluations and who supports the philosophy and goals of the College.

 For three-and-one-half years, Chastain has taught at the college and assists with advising, orientations and staffing the Math+Lab.

 “Jonathan is always willing to go above and beyond and step up when the department and our students need him,” said Jennifer Hulehan, associate dean for academic and career foundations.

 “Jonathan has risen to the occasion more times than I can count.  Whether it was responding to a student in distress, filling in for an absent instructor, or helping other instructors better serve students, he’s always ready, willing and more than capable,” Hulehan said.

 Earlier this year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the threat of this disease required college officials to shift the classroom-based course offerings to an online format.

 Chastain volunteered to play a lead mentoring role in the department’s academic continuity plan.  “He participated in a variety of trainings and activities planned at the last minute—to prepare not just for his own classes but to be a resource to other adjunct faculty members with less experience and confidence in remote/distance learning,” said Hulehan. 

 She said he played a key role in the deployment of the department’s distance learning plan.  “His online teaching experience and his creativity helped us to develop examples of face-to-face lessons converted to distance learning lessons, including quality lessons students could complete with only call/text and paper/pen capabilities.”

 Chastain also has been a leader at the state level, where he has served on the executive board of the South Carolina Organization for Student Success.  “He has engaged with educators from across the state on everything from best practices in pedagogy to how to implement technology effectively with underprepared and under-resourced populations,” said Hulehan.

 In addition, Chastain has been involved with the National Organization for Student Success, participated in leadership congress and helped educators from across the country develop strategic plans for helping underprepared and under-resourced students succeed.  Chastain is president-elect of the South Carolina Organization for Student Success (SCOSS).

 Lynell Hecht, coordinator for the comprehensive studies department’s learning support academic and career foundations, said Chastain’s commitment to excellence in instruction is evident in his devotion to students and their success.  She added that he determines whether struggles may involve more than just academics and is proactive in making referrals.

 “I have worked with Jonathan many times concerning student struggles,” said Hecht.  “He takes the time to consider possible contributing factors. He makes great observations that help guide his student conferences to provide feedback and actions for them to take to get them back on track. He has introduced several students to me so that they feel comfortable when we are trying to find ways to help them be successful. He does not hesitate to make referrals for students when he feels one of our many resources can be of benefit.”

 “Jonathan is an exemplary instructor, a leader and an invaluable asset to the department and the College,” said Hulehan.

 Chastain holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Anderson University in 2014.

 He and his wife reside in Anderson,



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