Randy Price Adjunct Faculty Medallion Winner 2 DSC 8965

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May 6, 2022

(By Lisa Garrett)

PENDLETON --- Randy Price, who has taught for Tri-County Technical College’s welding program for 27 years, received the College’s 2022 Adjunct Faculty Presidential Award May 6.

This award is given annually at the spring faculty/staff convocation to the adjunct faculty member who is recognized for excellence in teaching, who has consistently high student evaluations and who supports the philosophy and goals of the College.

“Randy is a consummate professional and student advocate who demonstrates dedication to the welding program and our students on a daily basis,” said Paul Phelps, TCTC department head for welding and CNC.

Price has served as an adjunct for the welding program continually since graduating from the program in 1995. He has taught every term, for a total of 81 semesters. During that time, he has taught more than 210 sections of various welding courses. Among his students have been TCTC welding faculty, including Phelps, and instructors Scott   Brabham and Matt Woodall.

“Randy never shrinks from a challenge,” said Phelps. Price routinely teaches the welding capstone, Advanced Fabrication, a project-based course. “This course is an excellent example of the way Randy always goes the extra mile. The projects designed and built during the course change every semester based on ‘customer’ needs. Since the projects change, Randy adapts his instruction to the projects in the course that semester, in addition to adapting to the needs of the students enrolled in the course. He goes above and beyond teaching fabrication and welding techniques. Randy uses this opportunity to teach the students how to    interact with their customers to clarify areas of confusion and determine design requirements,” said Phelps.

“Numerous times Randy has given his personal time to painting and delivering finished products with his students – seeing this as an opportunity to teach his students the importance of consistently doing just that little ‘something extra’ to distinguish yourself,” added Phelps.

Price consistently receives excellent reviews from students. For example, one student summed up Price’s teaching succinctly: “Randy was a great teacher and always helped and gave advice when you needed it most.”

“Randy is laser focused on students’ needs and how to provide students with the best possible education and experience,” said Phelps, who entered the program as an evening student in 2000.  Price was his instructor for several classes over the three years he was a student. “Now, here we are in 2022, and my role has changed. I am no longer a student, but a program director and department head. A lot of these opportunities are due to Randy and the time he put into me as a student.”

David Pelfrey, fabrication coordinator for Lift Technologies, Inc., in Westminster, who worked with Price as a TCTC adjunct welding instructor in the 1990’s, said he has influenced many people over the years. “In my current job, I have met many former students of Randy’s and all of them have great respect for him and the things he has taught them. I cannot tell you what an impact he has made in my life and the lives of many.”

“Randy has the knack to communicate, instill confidence, and hone the skills of each individual uniquely to the individual,” said Phelps. “I have witnessed this as a student first hand, and again now as his supervisor. He is dedicated to the program and always willing to do what he can to see the students succeed. In the early years he taught many hours of the day while working a full-time job at Cartee, Inc., Towing & Recovery. Yet, he would volunteer to help with competitions, professional development days, field trips to national welding competitions, field trips out of state to underwater welding schools, etc. I look forward to the years to come with him at my side.”

“Randy brings experience and structure to our evening welding program. He is a talented welder/fabricator with a desire to help others learn this trade to provide a better future for them and their families. He is always willing to step up and help out our students, faculty and program however he can without hesitation,” said Matt Woodall, TCTC welding instructor


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