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PENDLETON, SC - Tri-County Technical College President Galen DeHay, Ph.D., is hosting a new podcast called "The Future of Education" that covers the challenges and opportunities facing colleges and universities today. Produced in collaboration with McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture, the show features candid interviews with influential leaders in the field of post-secondary education.

In each episode, Dr. DeHay sits down with a different college or university leader to delve into their process and passions for serving students and the communities surrounding their campus. A few of the insightful and highly relevant topics discussed in the first three episodes are:

  1. Realizing successful opportunities to increase college access for underserved populations with economic challenges.
  2. The role community and technical colleges play in activating and improving communities.
  3. Actionable things colleges can do to adapt and stay relevant in a rapidly changing education landscape.

“Higher education is at a crossroads,” said Dr. DeHay. “Thoughtful, informed decisions about its future direction, with the people in positions to make an immediate difference, are imperative to prepare students for success in the face of all of the technological, global and cultural changes occurring today.”  

McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture has previously launched several successful podcasts that explore the industry drivers and disruptions occurring in education and health care. By collaborating with Dr. DeHay on a podcast dedicated to the major themes in higher education, the hope is that these episodes will serve as a primary source for insight and inspiration for administrators, educators, and anyone committed to serving the needs of post-secondary students and their families.

"The Future of Education" launched on February 1 with a trailer and first episode. Additional episodes will be available monthly on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other popular platforms. To learn more about the series and listen now, visit: https://mcmillanpazdansmith.com/podcasts/education/.