PENDLETON --- Tri-County Technical College's Corporate and Community Education Division is offering scholarships for quick jobs training to help individuals who are unemployed, as well as underemployed, prepare for high-demand jobs that lead to a sustainable wage.

The S.C. General Assembly allotted the state's 16 technical colleges funding to award scholarship money. Tri-County received $350,000 earmarked for in-demand, quick jobs training in the areas of manufacturing, health care (both clinic and office related), transportation and logistics (i.e., truck driving), IT, computer, business and highway construction. 

Scholarships of up to $2,000 per student will be granted to successful applicants. "QuickJobs classes are high-quality education for in-demand, high-skills jobs," said Rick Cothran, dean of Tri-County's Corporate and Community Education (CCE) Division.   

"We offer classes that help you obtain the skills that you need to enter the workforce.  Individuals can obtain these basic skills in as little as one week or up to 30 weeks based on the technical skills needed in each career," said Cothran.  He added that QuickJob classes are designed to upgrade one's skills and can be completed in less than a year (before summer 2016).  For a list of programs, go to

"These QuickJobs training programs are designed to build technical skills that can help move you to the front of the line when competing for employment in the areas of administration, healthcare, highway construction, manufacturing and truck driving.  While most people think that technical skills are what employers seek, soft skills development is often just as important; therefore, soft skills are integrated into each of our training programs." he added.

For example, South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC) is a quick, yet comprehensive training route for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and to secure full-time employment as operators in manufacturing or other organizations. "Our SCMC training provides individuals the opportunity to earn national credentials that manufacturing employers understand.  It shows that you have the skills sets to fill those in-demand jobs," said Cothran. 

"This training can put the unemployed to work, as well as the underemployed, who are in entry-level jobs but have the capabilities to handle a more sophisticated job or to move from part time to full time.  We are working with the economic developers and employers in Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties and all training programs are tied to open jobs in our service area," said Cothran. 

Interested persons should call (864) 646-1700 for information on scholarships.  Applicants fill out a single-page application and Tri-County staff will help them through the application process and enrollment in classes.  Interviews with candidates will be set up in coordination with the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce.

For more information, call (864) 646-1700 or visit