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Tri-County Technical College

Application for Benefits

  • The student must first apply to the College at, complete the application online and must be accepted into a program of study and registered for classes before he or she can be certified. 

    • To start the benefits process, the students must apply for use of any Veteran Affairs (VA) education benefits at, then click on Apply for Education Benefits. 
      • Please note: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he/she is eligible for education benefits from the VA before certification of enrollment can be submitted. 
      • For Ch. 33/Post 9/11 benefits, if the certification is not submitted 30 days prior to the payment deadline, the student is responsible for making alternate payment arrangements for his/her tuition.

    The student should also provide a copy of the appropriate documentation based on their chapter type:

    • DD214 Member 4 copy (if application is based on active duty service or if Chapter 30 or 33 and coded as out of state)
    • Notice of Basic Eligibility (if application is based on current Reserve or National Guard service, Chapter 1606/1607)
    • Certificate of Eligibility Letter (COE) if a Chapter 33 veteran
    • Dependent’s Educational Assistance (DEA) program letter  (if Chapter 35, dependent of a veteran)

    Additional documentation may be needed in the case of "Kickers" or to document activations or mobilizations.

    • Once admitted, the student should then complete the VA Certification Request form  each semester before he or she can be certified for VA benefits.
      • The form is also available to be completed in person at TC Central in Ruby Hicks Hall (Pendleton Campus) or the front desk of the Anderson/Oconee/Easley campus.
    • For additional questions, contact the Registrar's Office/Student Data Center at 864-646-8282 Opt 1 or email to learn more about specific information required for eligibility.

Additional Resources Available for Veterans

 Chapter 33 Post 9/11

Chapters 30, 31, 35, 1606 and 1607

Frequently Asked Questions

SC Free Tuition

For Children of Veterans, Firemen, Law-enforcement Officers, Government Employees Totally Disabled or Killed in the Line of Duty, based on the Code of Laws of South Carolina, Article 5 Section 59-111, Tri-County Technical College offers tuition-free courses, undergraduate courses or curriculum, paid for a period not exceeding four years, regardless of the number of state-supported colleges, universities, or state-supported vocational or technical schools the child attends.

For Children of Certain War Veterans:

Please visit for eligibility criteria and to find the application for this program.  You must submit that application to the SC Division of Veterans Affairs and they will notify Tri-County Technical College if you qualify for this benefit.

  • We encourage all applications be submitted online at:
    • Do not mail or fax paper applications.
    • Do not submit duplicate applications; doing so hinders processing time.
  • Once applications are submitted, applicants will receive an automated response immediately. Please note, applicants will not receive status updates during processing.
  • Approval letters will be sent (to students & institution of choice) and denial letters will be sent (to students) via United States Postal Service (USPS); letters will not be emailed.
  • Processing times may vary based on the volume of applications received.
  • Please call (803) 647-2434 for any questions regarding the program.

If you need more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the SC Tuition Assistance for Certain War Veterans’ Children.

Contact the Business Office, Ruby Hicks Hall, call 864-646-8282 option 2 or email for questions concerning receipt of approval.

 Federal Tuition Assistance (TA)

  • Contact your Army Education Center and speak with a counselor if you need help determining your eligibility. 
  • Create your ArmyIgnitED account at
  • Payments for Tuition Assistance is submitted to the Business Office, Pendleton Campus, Ruby Hicks Hall. Questions related to payment on your student account should be directed to or 864-646-8282 option 2.

NGCAP Scholarship (National Guard College Assistance Program)

  • If you are in the National Guard and eligible for the CAP Scholarship, go to, select Resources, and then Education Office to obtain more information.
  • Questions pertaining to payment on your student account if you are approved should be directed to Financial Aid at or 864-646-8282 option 1.

 Additional Outside Resources Available for Veterans

Advance Payment

  • VA may authorize advance payments for educational assistance for Chapters 30, 32, 35 and 1606 in all cases, provided:
    • The Veteran, survivors or eligible dependents have an advance payment request on file at the school - this should be indicated on your certification request form.
    • The Veteran, survivors or eligible dependents are attending school at least half time.
    • The Veteran, survivors or eligible dependents have a break of at least 30 days before the start of the term.
    • VA receives the Veteran’s, survivors’ or eligible dependents’ enrollment certification at least 30 days before classes start.
  •  The VA will send a check, made payable to the eligible student, to the Cashier’s Office at Tri-County Technical College.
  • This check will alter future payment delivery and it may not arrive prior to payment deadline, requiring student to make payment arrangements until check arrival. 


Change of Program of Study

To change a program of study (major):

Current enrolled students should go to TC Central, located on the Pendleton campus and speak with a Student Success Coach.

A student transferring to Tri-County Technical College should complete a "Request for Change of Program or Place of Training" Form (22-1995 for the veteran or service member or 22-5495 if an eligible dependent) online at

  • A "Request for Change of Program or Place of Training" form is needed for a veteran student transferring to Tri-County Technical College who has used benefits elsewhere. The student should provide a copy of the form and submit it to the Registrar's Office/Student Data Center for inclusion in the student's VA record.
  • Transfer students, please update your benefits at and provide an updated Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

Grading Procedures

In 1976, Congress amended the GI Bill® in such a way as to encourage veterans to move toward the attainment of educational career goals. The law now provides that no payment will be made to an eligible veteran for auditing a course or for taking a course in which the grade assigned is not used in computing graduation requirements.

To comply with this law, the following rules apply to veterans or other individuals who receive veterans' benefits:

  • The "I" grade is not a permanent grade and carries only a message of a temporary condition that will be changed to a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F. The "I" defaults to "F" automatically after 20 instructional days into the succeeding term if course requirements are not completed by that time. In the event a veteran receives an "I" grade at the end of a semester, further enrollment in that course cannot be certified to the VA.  Once the permanent grade is assigned, the VA Certifying Official will review the updated status
  • In all cases, an "F" grade is defined as a punitive grade for purposes of computing eligibility for and receipt of veterans' benefits.
  • Veterans cannot be certified for an "AU" grade.
  • Veteran's enrollment cannot be certified for any course not listed in his/her curriculum as a graduation requirement.
  • Non-Punitive Grade: A non-punitive grade is a grade that does not count as earned credit and is not considered in progress standards for graduation. A withdrawal after the drop period is non-punitive if it is not calculated into the student's GPA, or it is not considered in academic progress criteria. Payment is not allowed for a course in which this grade is awarded. Students receiving a "W" should consult with the Registrar's Office/Student Data Center if there are any mitigating circumstances.
  • If there are electives listed as part of the curriculum, veterans must not exceed the total number of elective hours designated by the program and should take only electives listed as approved electives or electives approved in writing by their department head.

Conditions for Interruption of Benefits 

Each veteran certified for benefits in a traditional college program at an institution of higher learning will have an evaluation of academic progress at the end of each term. This will be determined according to the College's Determination of Academic Progress as defined in this Catalog under Academic Information.

  • If the student is placed on Academic Warning, VA is not notified of a Warning status.
  • If the student is placed on Academic Probation, this status will be reported to VA at the end of each term as required by federal regulations. Students on Academic Probation are eligible to receive educational benefits unless otherwise notified by the VA.
  • If a student previously on Academic Probation returns to Academic Good Standing, the student is eligible for certification.
  • If a student previously on Academic Probation moves to Academic Suspension, the student is no longer eligible for certification at this institution. Any certification for the upcoming semester will be terminated with a reason of "Unsatisfactory Conduct or Progress" in accordance with federal regulations.
  • However, if the student request an appeal with the Student Support and Engagement Office and the appeal is approved, the student’s enrollment for the upcoming semester should not be terminated. VA will contact the student if additional requirements and/or actions are required by the student pertaining to if future payments of VA educational assistance allowance should be authorized.

Certification for Online Courses

In order to meet Veterans Affairs (VA) certification requirements for off-campus courses, such as courses offered via the Internet or other modes of distance learning, the College acknowledges that these courses are part of the College's approved curriculum, are directly supervised by the College, are measured in the same unit as other courses, are required for graduation, and are part of a program of study approved by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (state approving agency).

The College requires that the faculty teaching these courses use a grading system similar to the grading system used in on-campus courses and include statements in the course syllabus that indicate that appropriate assignments are needed for the completion of the course and that the student is expected to demonstrate, at least once a week, active involvement in the class.

  • Examples of activities that can be used to demonstrate this involvement include, but are not limited to: posting/receiving e-mails, participating in online class discussions and class chat rooms, and completing and submitting course assignments.
  • Further, the College requires that these courses have schedules of time for training and instruction which demonstrate that students shall spend at least as much time in preparation, instruction, and training as is normally required by the College for its on-campus courses.

Tri-County Technical College Contact Information

TC Central, Ruby Hicks

Phone - (864) 646-8282 Opt 1
Email - (Please put VA in the subject line)

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Website at®


If you have suggestions or concerns about your Veteran experience at Tri-County Technical College, please submit your message to our VA suggestion box below: