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Certifiable and Non-Certifiable Fees

Review the following category of fees to determine if the fee is certifiable to VA for payment. NOTE:  If there is a fee that shows on your student bill and schedule that does not appear on the list below, contact a Certifying Official.

Allowed (Certifiable)

Allowed (Certifiable)

Not Allowed (Not-Certifiable)

Surg Radiation Badge Fee


Application Fee

License Certification Fee

Course Material Fee

Bridge to Clemson Housing/Dining

NACES Nurse Aid Cert Test

Enrollment Fee

Digital Course Content Fee *

Drug Screen

Lab Fee

Exemption Fee

Clemson Facility Fee

Packet Fee

Registration Fee

Bridge to Clemson Reg Admin/Program Fee

Liability HE Insurance Fee

Health Ed Deposit

AHS 163 Course Fee

HS Stream Agency Fee

Late Fee

CSCMP Certificate Course Fee

E-Value Electronic Portfolio

Penalty Fee

Surgical Tech Test Review Fee

Nat’l Registry Cognitive Exam


Pocket Nurse Kit

Nat’l Registry Psychomotor Exam


MOS Certification Exam Fee



*This fee is in lieu of a physical textbook.  Book stipends can be utilized to cover this charge.