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As a student in a curriculum (credit) certificate, diploma, or associate degree program, you will be assigned an academic advisor. Your advisor will be a faculty member in your department or division who will provide you with support and assistance, such as:

  • course selection and registration
  • educational planning
  • information about and referral to campus support services
  • explanation of prerequisite/corequisite and graduation requirements
  • preparation for transfer or successful job placement

While your academic advisor will assist you in selecting the proper courses and meeting the requirements for graduation, you are ultimately responsible for fulfilling the requirements. You should be sure you're familiar with all the requirements for graduation in your certificate, diploma or degree program. You should meet with your advisor to plan and register for your courses each term. Remember, registration is not complete until all tuition, fees, and any debts owed to the College have been paid!

Each division of the College also offers a comprehensive orientation for new students to help ensure success in curriculum programs. Some divisions require that students attend orientation before meeting with an advisor.

If you are taking distance learning courses only for a semester and are unable to get to the campus where your advisor is located, you can call or email your advisor to set up a telephone or Skype advising session. You can Skype from your home computer or from one of the Polycom systems located at the main campus or one of the community campuses. These systems are located in private rooms and allow you to hear and see your advisor during your session. Click here for directions for Skyping using your home computer.