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Introduction to CNC Certificate

The Introduction to CNC Certificate program provides students with an overview of basic CNC mill and lathe operations, setup, and programming.

Introduction to Machining Certificate

The Introduction to Machining Certificate prepares students to safely operate drill presses, metal-cutting saws, lathes, milling machines, and grinders to produce precision parts; to utilize appropriate speeds, feeds, and tooling; and to use precision measuring instruments.

Manual & CNC Fundamentals Certificate

The Manual and CNC Fundamentals Certificate provides participants with the knowledge of manual machines, blueprint sketching, and advanced techniques on operating CNC machines. Participants will learn advanced CNC machines, multi-axis machining, CAD/CAM drawing and programming, and precision measuring instruments.

Manual Machining Certificate

The Manual Machining Certificate allows students to further their knowledge operating manual machines. Participants will be introduced to tighter tolerance parts, different techniques of operations and  interpreting and sketching of blueprints using machine mathematics in order to produce high quality parts.