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Introduction to Manufacturing Management Technology Certificate

This certificate is designed for students interested in acquiring the skills needed to be a manager in a manufacturing environment.

Introduction to Quality Assurance Certificate

This certificate is designed to give students the basic skills needed by a quality assurance technician in a manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing and Continuous Process Improvement Certificate

This certificate is designed for the student interested in continuous improvement systems for quality, productivity, waste, and cost in a manufacturing environment. Principles of Lean Manufacturing and automated work cells are emphasized. Coursework in modern manufacturing technologies is combined with plant visits.

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Manufacturing Operators I

This certificate prepares students for operator positions in a manufacturing environment.  This certificate prepares students with the skills to understand the manufacturing environment, culture, processes, and values.

Manufacturing Production I

This certificate prepares students to transition from a job in non-manufacturing sectors to entry-level positions in manufacturing and to continue technical and post-secondary study needed for career growth and advancement.

Manufacturing Production II

This certificate prepares students for job advancement in manufacturing through greater understanding of skills applicable to core manufacturing processes including quality monitoring, teaming and problem-solving, safety, and the basics of lean manufacturing strategies. This certificate emphasizes project-based learning and builds the skills and perspectives needed for success in both manufacturing and post-secondary technical study.