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Vet Tech Animal Housing & Student Learning Facility

There is no doubt our society is filled with animal lovers. So much so we expect the same state-of-the-art health care for our animals as we expect for ourselves. In the exciting field of veterinary medicine, Veterinary Technicians provide support to veterinarians, biomedical researchers and scientists. From administering anesthesia to assisting in surgery, Veterinary Technicians can be found in practices, zoos, laboratories, and pharmaceuticals.

The TCTC AVMA-accredited Veterinary Technology Program is a shelter medicine facility and one of only two in the state. We house large dogs, small dogs, and cats from Anderson, Oconee and Pickens County animal shelters each semester. Students are supervised by full-time Licensed Veterinary Technicians as well as Veterinarians, providing basic to extensive health care, spaying and neutering, socializing and training to the shelter animals over the course of months. The 5,500 square feet newly renovated facility is designed to provide a safe, healthy and low-stress environment for students, as well as housed dogs and cats. And the hands-on experiences you’ll receive allows our students to graduate with key knowledge and skills that provide an edge when entering the field.