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Electrocardiogram Technician

ECG Technicians are responsible for performing electrocardiogram tests in hospitals and physician offices. These tests are used to monitor and record electrical impulses transmitted by the heart. The Tri-County Technical College course provides the student with instructions for collecting information and data about a patient's heart using electrocardiography. Topics include identifying heart rhythms, operation of a 12-lead electrocardiograph machine, treadmill stress tests and use of a Holter monitor, legal and professional aspects of patient contact. Additionally, our course assists students in preparation to take one of the national credentialing examinations, such as ASPT-EKG Technician or the certified EKG Technician exam through the National Healthcareer Association.

The program requires that you take two prerequisite classes:

Once you've completed these courses, you can register for an upcoming ECG course.


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