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Unemployed? Downsized?

In Need of a More Rewarding – and Stable – Career?

South Carolina is committed to industry and manufacturing, realizing that manufacturing jobs are the heart of our country's economy, and Tri-County is committed to equipping you with the core knowledge and skills needed to succeed in today’s modern advanced manufacturing environments.

Join us for an Information Session on Tuesday, March 29, at the IBDC Building on our Pendleton Campus, to learn more about training for high-level careers in these exciting programs:

Certified Production Technician (CPT)

Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)

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Certified Production Technician (CPT) Certification

The CPT Certification will help you obtain core technical competencies of highly skilled production workers in all sectors of manufacturing. MSSC awards certificates to individuals who pass any of its production modules:

WEEK ONE: Safety

WEEK TWO: Quality Practices & Measurement

After week two, individuals are work-ready and local employers are invited to interview interested students.

WEEK THREE: Manufacturing Processes & Production

WEEK FOUR: Maintenance Awareness

Passing all four modules will result in full MSSC CPT Certification. All students are guaranteed an interview. Tri-County has a 95% placement rate with our MSSC program. 


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Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) Certification

The CLT Certification program provides you with a solid foundation and the skills needed for material handling, distribution and logistics in all supply chain facilities, from factories to warehouses, distribution centers and transporters. You’ll study planning, management and movement of people, materials and products by road, air, rail, pipeline, and water. 

Modules include:

Foundation-Level Certified Logistics Associate (CLA)                      

  • Global supply chain logistics life cycle
  • Logistics environment and equipment
  • Safety principles and quality control principles
  • Work communication practices
  • Safe material handling and equipment operations

Mid-Level Certified Logistics Technician (CLT)                       

  • Receiving, stocking and processing products
  • Preparing packages for shipment and shipping products
  • Maintaining control of inventory
  • Handling hazardous materials in a safe manner
  • Performing dispatch, routing and tracking operations

 Lean for Warehouse/Distribution        

  • 5S: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize & Sustain
  • Visual Control 

Forklift Safety & Operations

Students train on forklift simulation modules that put them at the controls of a typical "factory" forklift with rear-wheel steering. In addition, students will experience hands-on forklift training. Evaluation activities will include:

  • Starting and stopping
  • Driving forward in specific patterns, as well as around cones and other structures.
  • Practicing load handling.
  • Performing forward slalom, reverse slalom, forward slalom 2, and load handling.


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