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We offer several SCDOT technician certification courses at Tri-County Technical College. For complete information about the requirements of the SCDOT Technician Certification program, please see the SCDOT Technician Certification website

General information about registration, refund policy, lodging, retest policy, replacement cards, and more is also available.

Our tentative 2024 schedule of SCDOT technician certification courses is now available.  Sections will become available for online registration throughout the year. If you desire a particular type of certification but cannot attend the section(s) currently available for registration, please register for the appropriate Interest List through our online registration system. There is no charge to register for an Interest List.  


Asphalt Roadway Technician

The Asphalt Roadway Technician (ART) Course is intended to assure competency in proper testing procedures and everyday field tasks. Individuals who complete this course will be certified to perform Asphalt Roadway Technician duties on SCDOT projects. 


Coarse Aggregate Technician

Coarse Aggregate (CA) courses are designed to ensure competencies in issues affecting the quality of coarse aggregate materials.


Earthwork and Base Course Technician

This course is intended to assure an understanding of SCDOT requirements for Earthwork and Base Course construction and competency at performing the proper SCDOT testing procedures needed to monitor this construction.  Individuals who complete this course will be certified to perform Earthwork and Base Course Technician duties on SCDOT projects.  


Foundations Technician

This course is intended to prepare the technician to monitor and document drilled shaft and driven pile operations resulting in safe foundation installation per contract documents.  Individuals who complete this course will be certified to perform Foundations Technician duties on SCDOT projects.  


Hot Mix Asphalt Technician

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) certifications center on the ability to understand, prepare, test and problem-solve asphalt materials and job mix formulas related SCDOT specifications. Several certifications are available:


Pavement Preservation

Pavement preservation courses offer opportunities to specialize in varying surfaces, but the goal is the same for all: establish a consistent understanding of inspection of asphalt seal coat applications. Pavement preservation courses include:

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Pre-Highway Construction Inspector ART & EW

This course provides entry-level knowledge of equipment, concepts, specifications, and material testing procedures necessary to prepare to perform work as a highway construction inspector/testing technician.  It also provides accelerated work experience credit for both SCDOT Asphalt Roadway Technician Certification and SCDOT Earthwork and Base Course Technician Certification.  

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For more information, call (864) 646-1700 or toll free 866-269-5677, Ext 1700 (within the 864 area code) or e-mail