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Tri-County Technical College

Whether you're in search of a unique Bridge program or even QuickJobs training in 6 months or less, we have a variety of learning experiences that will no doubt enhance your time with Tri-County.

AARP Back to Work 50+

TCTC's AARP Back to Work 50+ program is designed to inform participants about the variety of job search strategies that are needed today and to provide special information about in-demand jobs that are growing. As part of the Back-to-Work 50+ initiative, we are hosting information sessions where job candidates age 50 and older can learn how to update personal marketing tools and networking strategies., target job searches, get job leads and find resources to stay strong while looking for full-time employment. The information session agenda will cover Smart Job Search Strategies, Local Resources, and Coaching Program and Training Opportunities. To register, call toll-free 1-855-850-2525, or view the upcoming schedule here

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Acceleration Learning Center for Office Professionals

Offered through our Corporate and Community Education Division, located at Pendleton Campus, this center offers a unique learning experience for our students. Instead of taking your classes in a traditional classroom setting with one instructor teaching one course at a time, you will take your classes in a lab setting where you will work on one class at a time independently with other students. You will schedule your lab work to complete your course. An instructor-mentor is assigned to each lab and is available to assist you, as needed. In addition, online access allows you to also work from home or work, accelerating the pace of your course/program. Courses are available in bookkeeping, computer concepts, general office, customer service, medical office billing, medical documentation, and more. Information sessions are offered on Wednesdays at 1 pm. Join us!

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Adult Education Partnerships

Tri-County is happy to partner with the Adult Education Centers in our service area to help students make seamless transitions.

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Bridge to Clemson

A first of its kind in South Carolina, this invitation-only program blends the traditional academic experience at Tri-County with the social and cultural experiences of being at Clemson University. Invitations are extended by Clemson to those who narrowly miss admission to the University. Bridge students must earn 30 transfer credits at Tri-County during their Bridge year and maintain a 2.5 GPA in order to transition to Clemson for their sophomore year. They live together in a local apartment complex and have access to student life programs and services at Tri-County and Clemson.

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Call Me Mister

Want to change the world? First, change young people. Want to make a real difference in life? First, make a difference in young people. Want to affect eternity? Teach young people. That's what astronaut Christa McAuliffe meant when she said, "I touch the future. I teach." Call Me MISTER (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role Models) can help you become an effective teacher with that wonderful heart-warming sense of pride that comes from being a servant-leader who is doing something important and valuable in our world. 

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Four-Year, Right Here

The opportunity to pursue a Bachelor's degree on TCTC's campus after earning a TCTC Associate's degree (specific degree programs may apply, depending on program selected).

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LPN to Professor

The LPN to Professor Initiative is a grant that allows academically qualified senior associate degree nursing students to "fast track" into Clemson University's School of Nursing upon graduation and successful completion of the nursing licensure exam. The grant is a cooperative arrangement with the hospitals in Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties that allows RN students to continue to work full-time while pursuing advanced nursing educational degrees. Interested students may contact the Health Education Admissions Liaison at 864-646-1620 for more information.

Online Scheduling Options

Are you considering an online course? We do offer online courses as a scheduling option for your convenience, but stop here to learn more.

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Professional Development, CEUs

If you're looking for personal professional development or Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) for license renewals, re-certifications, or to meet professional organization membership requirements, you will find a variety of opportunities to obtain within our Corporate and Community Education division. The classes are offered as "courses in a day," seminars, workshops or short classes during the day or evenings. Many of these courses carry pre-approval by state regulatory agencies or may qualify for approval by a specific agency or national organization.

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Despite what some may feel about the current economy, there is a great demand for skilled workers in South Carolina. QuickJobs programs are designed to help you start a new career or move up to a better one through specific and occupational training. And the programs are designed to be completed in six months or less!

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Because of a special arrangement with Clemson University, students may take Air Force or Army ROTC while enrolled at Tri-County.

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