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Apprenticeship is a proven tool for meeting your talent pipeline challenges. It is an employer-driven, "learn-while-you-earn" model that combines job-related educa­tion, supervised on-the-job learning and a scalable wage progression.

Apprenticeship is a flexible strategy that is easily customized to meet the needs of any business. With the Baby Boomer population on the verge of retiring, apprenticeships offer companies the opportunity to provide a roadmap to individuals seeking direction, mentoring and the opportunity to be paid to learn a skill that allows them to earn a living and assist companies in filling critically needed occupations.

The TCTC Youth Apprenticeship Program benefits to your organization include:

  • Access to aspiring apprentices already achieving at a high level
  • The ability to recruit and screen potential employees
  • Free consultative services
  • Workers compensation coverage of apprentice provided by local school districts the apprentice attends
  • $1,000 tax credits for each apprentice for up to four years
  • Retention tool for competitive positions
  • Recruiting tool for hard-to-fill positions

 Many think of traditional trades such as construction, electrician and plumber as the ideal occupations for an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship Carolina™ has broadened that scope to include nontraditional indus­try sectors like healthcare, advanced manu­facturing, information technology, tourism, transportation, distribution, logistics and service industries. 

  As a company with a registered apprenticeship, you can:

  • Earn a state tax credit
  • Influence, shape and mold future employees
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease costly turnover
  • Create a talent pipeline for the future

Melissa Baker

Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator
(803) 240-6246

Registered appren­ticeship can work for your organization!

Learn more by connecting with our experts.

Emily Hodge

Apprenticeship Consultant
(803) 205-5384


Apprenticeship Carolina is an integral part of the SC Technical College System that leads South Carolina in registered apprenticeship programs that help businesses and communities thrive economically. Through innovation, partnerships and a spirit of excellence, Apprenticeship Carolina catalyzes the promotion of registered youth, adult, and pre-apprenticeships. Apprenticeship Carolina is also a resource to help employers create, maintain and maximize these programs' use. Apprenticeship Carolina is committed to creating and strengthening career pathways that enrich and enhance South Carolina's existing and future workforce. To find out more, visit: