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Student Life and Involvement

During their freshman year, Bridge students are enrolled full time at Tri-County Technical College (Tri-County), granting them access to all Tri-County academic success services and student life opportunities. These opportunities include joining student organizations and participating in scheduled student activities. Bridge students also have access to many of the events and activities at Clemson, as well as the ability to be involved with student organizations and intramural sports.

Tiger Transitions Mentorship Program
Tiger Transitions Mentorship Program is a peer mentoring program that connects current Bridge to Clemson students with previous Bridge to Clemson students to support them in their transition to Clemson. Former Bridge to Clemson students will serve as Peer Mentors to assist current Bridge to Clemson students (mentees) during the student’s spring semester at Tri-County Technical College. Mentors offer opportunities for social interaction, strategies for academic success and assist mentees in successfully transitioning to Clemson. If you have questions about how to get involved, contact Tiger Transitions via email.

Additional services and involvement opportunities available through Clemson include:

Health Services
Health care services are available to Bridge students at Clemson's Redfern Health Center. Services covered through the Bridge program fee include medical services, counseling and psychological services, and health education. Competitive premiums for a supplemental State Health Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan are also available through Redfern Health Center.

Campus Recreation
Through Clemson's Department of Campus Recreation, Bridge students have access to the 200,000-square-foot Fike Recreation Center, Swann Fitness Center, Sloan Tennis Center and several other outdoor athletic facilities.

Career Services
Bridge students can utilize the services of the Michelin Career Center at Clemson as well as the Tri-County's Office of Career and Employability Resources. The career centers offer programs and services to help Bridge students explore identify, and begin to achieve their career aspirations.

Student Organizations
TigerQuest is Clemson's online portal that connects students to Clemson student organizations. Tri-County has a number of student organizations on campus. Students can participate in student organizations at both campuses during their Bridge year. 

Transit and Parking
Transit services will be provided from Clemson to Tri-County while Tri-County classes are in session. Students who have a car and wish to park at Tri-County and/or park at Clemson may purchase a student parking permit from each institution.

Safe, Healthy, and Smart Decision Making
Clemson University provides many resources through Healthy Campus. Bridge to Clemson students are required to complete the Clemson University requirement "Aspire." Healthy Campus also offers further information and resources to students regarding wellness, safety, being green, bystander intervention, mental health, violence prevention, alcohol and other drugs, as well as many other topics of health and safety.

Tri-County Student Life
Bridge students are encouraged to get involved in the Tri-County community. Students can be involved in student organizations, campus events, and campus life. The Division of Student Support and Engagement provides students with resources and services to help ensure personal and educational success.