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Choosing the right dual enrollment courses depends on several factors: your intended college major, the college or university you plan to attend, and the type of degree you hope to achieve. Take ownership of your college experience by spending some time researching and planning. You are the only one who knows what you want to become in your future. 

Student working on a CNC machine.

Technical Career Pathways (TCP) 

Technical Career Pathways are designed for students planning to enter careers in advanced manufacturing and other industry sectors with critical workforce needs. Completion of these pathways offer students rapid entry into the workforce, and credits can be applied towards a Tri-County diploma and/or Associate in Applied Science degree in the same field. Many TCP students complete their Associate degree at Tri-County within one year of high school graduation and enter the workforce with higher entry salaries than their peers with four-year degrees.  


Technical Career Pathways for high school students include the following programs: