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About the CRI

Tri-County Technical College began the College Readiness Initiative (CRI) in 2006. The CRI provides high school juniors and their school counselors with valuable information about student readiness for college-level coursework.

Each year, about 3,500 juniors from Anderson, Oconee and Pickens Counties take the ACCUPLACER college placement assessment as part of Tri-County Technical College’s CRI program. Tri-County representatives provide feedback at each high school to help students understand their scores.

Program Goal

The goal of the CRI program is to help students become aware of their current college readiness and understand how to prepare for or get a head start on college coursework by taking appropriate courses senior year. Ideally, all students will be ready for college-level coursework upon high school graduation, if not before.

Regardless of whether students plan to attend Tri-County after graduation, participate in dual enrollment during senior year, or to attend a 4-year college, ACCUPLACER provides a measure for students to know which areas they need to increase their skills and knowledge prior to high school graduation.

Post-High School Reassessment

For students who plan to attend Tri-County after graduation, it is recommended that they retake the ACCUPLACER near the end of their senior year of high school and before their Tri-County Orientation date if they do not place into required courses in their college major. The CRI is given in the fall of a student's junior year, so retaking the assessment more than a year later allows for a more accurate measure of a student's current knowledge and leads to better course placement.

For more information about Tri-County Technical College's College Readiness Initiative, please contact the High School Engagement and Outreach Office at 864-646-1512.


For more information on Tri-County Technical College's College Readiness Initiative, please contact us.