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We specialize in engineering, machining and fabricating application specific devices for the nuclear industry. Specifically, radiation protection equipment. We use our own proprietary, lead-free, materials for radiation blocking. We engineer, design and build wall structures, blankets, curtains, and anything used to contain radiation. Outside of our main focus, we are a general machine shop. Most of the materials we use are non-ferrous, tool steels and carbon steels. We are in the automotive, medical, textile and tool/gage industries.


We are always looking for general shop help. This may include running saws, cleaning, packaging completed parts or other support jobs. We also welcome anything with a desire to start a career in the machining industry. Starting as an operator, we will train you how to set up machines and program. We will also teach you our quality procedures and how to properly use gages.

We believe heavily on on-the-job training. If you work for us, you should and will never stop learning new skills. We believe that a better trained employee always makes a better employee. Therefore, we want all our employees to be as skilled as possible. But we can only go so far. A large portion is up to the employee to show the desire and drive to learn. We also encourage all our high-school and college level employees to continue in higher education. We want to help make school as easy as possible with very flexible work hours and the possibility of tuition assistance.

The skills you acquire with us will make you a high demand employee. It is very difficult to find skilled machinist and having a proper foundation and skillset will set you apart.


Teamwork is extremely important at our company. Our industry is very processed minded, and we must keep in mind that when one person touches a part, in any way, that part is always passed to someone else for another process. As a team, we must start great to end great.


We are in a high demand industry, where the focus is highest on quality and safety. In our line of focus, the small details can make the biggest impact. We take this very seriously and focus on this aspect with high regards. This is a challenge that is welcomed, and we strive to exceed our customers' expectations.

We welcome challenges! We excel when the challenge is great! We understand that company's send us the job because they might not be able to handle it. And we want to be used for the jobs that others can't do.


We manufacture products that travel all across the globe. We have products in the US, Canada, Mexico, Chine, Japan, and across parts of Europe and Asia. It is humbling that these products come from a small town in Upstate South Carolina.


Our industry will need a skilled workforce in the years to come. For example, in these unprecedented times, we are fortunate to continue to work and be considered an essential industry. There are more job openings than skilled operators in our industry and we would like to close this gap. Our industry also offers competitive compensation, and our company offers as well solid benefits for our employees.


Keep yourself open to all possibilities. Make sure you have summer jobs lined up to get yourself some experience in multiple fields. Don't decide too early on a career path. Keep your options open as long as possible and get your feet wet in multiple fields.

Work on developing strong basic math skills, problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Classes that build a "process" mindset are also important.