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We make parts like aerospace ignitions and power systems for airplane engines. So when you are on a plane and you hear the engines start? Our products made that happen! It is what keeps the plane flying and landing safely as well. We are on almost every commercial airplane out there!

So much here is done by hand - we do have a few robots, but the majority of work is done by hand right here in Liberty. We also have a ceramics department that has giant kiln (a really big oven for ceramic parts) that runs 24/7 - so we always have someone on site to make sure that is running properly. 


Champion ignition components powered the Wright brothers first powered flight in 1903!

Every few years, we do an air show where we have pilots take off from Pickens Airport and fly over our facility where guests can watch our parts in action in the planes.


The main jobs we hire for are in our production area - assemblers, material handlers, electronics technicians, machining, and quality technicians to name a few. In the last year, we have hired engineers, accounting staff, and purchasing staff. We also have marketing and sales, human resources, finance, IT, and operations.


It's important to always want to learn and to find ways you can be productive and helpful. Sometimes, especially with newer employees, it might be easy to finish a job and then you have time and not sure what to do. Work on feeling comfortable asking questions. Everyone sees who works hard and is always willing to help and they don't forget that either! It's also important to know how to get along with all different types of personalities and cultures. In the workplace, you never know who you may work with one day and understanding that differences are good and not something to be afraid of is important. If you know how to get along and respect others, it will help you go a long way in your career And, of course, work hard in your math and science classes!


We have employees who have started in a production position and have moved into supervisory or management roles. There are many different departments within our company and opportunities to pursue your education while employed full time if you are interested in moving into a different area as well.


The most rewarding part of the job is helping people. It is fun working with my colleagues to solve problems, especially for people who really need legal help but cannot afford a lawyer. The challenging part is dealing with difficult people. Lawyers have to interact with many people in many situations. Some people can be hard to deal with. As long as you deal with everyone honestly and with integrity, you will be able to work your way through any difficult situation, even if the other person is causing problems.


Aerospace will continue to thrive and grow as the world becomes a smaller place with ease of travel - and with the growth of space travel! Right now, our main need is engineers and manufacturing workers. Champion is located right here in Liberty with just one location, so overall we have any position you could thing of, from office support to engineering to production. The parts we make here have been around for over 100 years and we continue to work with companies that are forward thinking with aerospace travel, so we definitely see a positive employment outlook.


We are working on creating youth apprenticeships in both our production and office settings. In college, we have opportunities with our engineering department and production areas as well.


Teamwork is very important here. People are early to meetings! People are early and ready to start when the meeting starts, not minutes after. Everyone respects each other's time. So if you think about it in school, it is important to start that habit and become disciplined with yourself on showing up on time and being ready when class starts, not just walking in when the bell rings. Also, we collaborate so much across the departments that it is important to know how to work with other people and handle different personalities. In school, you may have to work in a group and maybe you feel like you are doing all the work, or you don't necessarily like someone in your group. You don't have to like someone to work well together, you have to know how to respect them. And that is the same with group work - always respect who you are working with and do your part.


We have a couple different ways we help our community. We participate in Habitat for Humanity builds throughout the year as well as offer opportunities for employees to donate to the United Way and an internal employee fund that helps any of our employees in need.