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HORTON creates different types of engine cooling fans for on- and off-highway equipment

An engine fan's purpose is simple. Keep a truck, tractor, construction machine, mine hauler, generator or other heavy machinery's engine and
supporting components cool.

But the type of fan used, how fast it spins, and how often it's turning have a huge impact on fuel economy, engine efficiency, noise, emissions and driver comfort.

There are also about as many options for fans as there are vehicles on the road or at the job site.

There are different materials with different levels of performance and durability. These include plastic, metal, and composite fans.


Learn more by viewing this video.


Horton is a global company. Following expansions in Australia, Europe and Mexico, it expanded to Asia. It has sales offices in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Germany and representatives in Russia, Korea, China, Japan, India, Australia, Columbia and Chile. We’re willing to go where you need us, to help you develop engine cooling solutions that are right for you and your application.



In its early years, Horton focused on manufacturing industrial clutches for industrial use. In the 1960s, it applied the technology to cooling diesel engine trucks and off-highway vehicles. Concern over fuel costs and noise in the 1970s led to Horton advancements in fan drive technology and then later (1980s), adoption of related cooling systems by major on-highway truck manufacturers. These included Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner and Navistar. Today, Horton is the leader in engine-cooling technology and also offers a complete line of metal, molded and modular fans. To see other company and industry milestones, see the timeline below.


Horton scales up technology to address large mining equipment engine cooling needs, receiving widespread attention. Horton continues to innovate with the launches of the RCV2000 Fan Drive and HTEC Fan introductions.