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Itron manufactures electric meters for both residential and commercial properties. If you look on the side of your house, you most likely have an Itron meter. We recently added gas metering products. Products manufactured in West Union SC are found throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and as far away as Thailand.

Itron is a world-leading technology and services company, dedicated to the resourceful use of energy and water. Our company is a world leading provider of metering, data collection and software solutions, with nearly 8,000 utilities in more than 100 countries relying on our technology to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. From rising populations and increasing demand on aging infrastructures to environmental concerns and resource sustainability, the issues facing energy and water providers will shape this century. At Itron, we have the knowledge and responsibility to positively influence the use and management of our energy and water resources. We know that by applying knowledge and technology together—and in collaboration with our customers and partners—we can create a more resourceful world.

Check out this video to learn more about Itron.


We look for graduates of the Mechatronics Concentrations from the Career Center and Tri-County's General Machining Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial) programs. We also look for people who are qualified in areas of Marketing and Finance.

We typically those who have taken machining, welding or mechatronics classes. At the manufacturing facility in West Union, SC, we have 275 associates with post-secondary education degrees (90 Associates, 152 Bachelors, 26 Masters and 7 PhD).


We encourage students to enjoy all their classes, but concentrations in math/science are encouraged for an electronics/manufacturing emphasis. Keep in mind that electives such as communications and computer classes offer a strong background critical to working in a manufacturing environment.

Team work is key to a successful manufacturing environment. We work together as a team to get the best quality product out the door quickly and safely for our customers. Our core competencies for design, development and implementation of electricity and gas meters include:

  • Custom test and programming equipment
  • Custom software, from equipment control to order entry and product customization systems
  • Product and process control databases
  • Customer data system flow, from customer service representative to the plant floor
  • Custom automated manufacturing systems
  • Cost reduction projects
  • Machine improvements, such as downtime and cycle time reductions
  • Product customization

In addition to the above, both the the ability to communicate (both written and verbal) as well as basic computer skills are very important.


Employees can attend on-site classes for college credit, or they can receive tuition reimbursement while pursuing classes at area colleges. The engineering and research and development teams are comprised of highly skilled engineers and technicians with the wide range of experience and expertise necessary to support our emerging and established technologies. Many of our plant level managers started as a line worker right out of high school. They used the education reimbursement program to advance their career and to move up within Itron. 


Itron has a very diverse employee base. The Itron facility in West Union SC employs on average 800 employees from 17 countries around the world. The most challenging aspect of our jobs is being about to manage the expectations of our customers when they do not align with the expectations of our company.


Meters manufactured at a plant in West Union, SC, help utilities from around the world deliver electricity, gas and water in a more safe and efficient manner.


Manufacturing jobs in the southeast are plentiful! Manufacturing today is a fast paced, exciting place to work. No two days are the same! We are constantly looking for ways to improve in order to produce a better product for our customers.


For the high school students age 17-18, we offer part time evening and weekend shorts. This gives students an opportunity for hands on training while still in high school. If interested, there is the opportunity to move to a full time position after high school graduation. For college students, we are very active in co-op and intern programs. Students will typically go to school a semester and then come work for a semester. Many of our co-op students end up coming back to work full time after graduation.


There is more to life than being a doctor or a lawyer. There are millions of opportunities out there in the world but it is up to you to find them. Get out there. Volunteer. Go to Summer Camps. Explore different fields. Find what you enjoy and then figure out how to make money doing that because you don’t want to spend your life doing something you hate. It will take lots of sweat, work, and even tears but it will be worth it in the end. Make a plan to get there working as hard as you can, but leave room for mistakes.


The way we manage energy and water will define this century. As global citizens, Itron is actively engaging with communities to improve energy-water literacy, encourage conservation and inspire future innovators to shape a more resourceful world. This includes working with local schools and organizations for STEM activities. We are sponsors of the local FIRST robotics team and many of the LEGO robotics teams. Itron associates recently participated in a local virtual food drive as well as helping recent victims of the area tornados.