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Reliable Automatic Sprinkler makes fire protection sprinklers that you see in the ceiling of most of the buildings. We also make the water supply valves and other components for these fire protection systems. Here, you have the opportunity to make life saving equipment. 90,000 sprinklers per day is a lot! We can see and be a part of the whole process, start to finish, and see a product be shipped out the door. There's something rewarding and fulfilling knowing you had a hand in that.

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We are always looking for qualified technicians, machine operators, machinists, maintenance personnel, designer and engineers.

Machine operators generally require a high school education. Technicians, machinists, maintenance personnel require a 2-year associates degree. Any classes featuring electronics, robotics, and machining would be great to have under your belt as you try and decide on your career path.


An ideal employee would be a problem solver! Things happen on a manufacturing floor all the time. An ideal employee would be able to identify the root cause of the problem and correct it themselves, or bring that to the attention of someone else. This relates to being a team player as well. There are many different aspects to a manufacturing process and many different teams responsible for making a quality product.

Being able to work effectively within a team setting is also vital. A company can always train or teach someone how to do something. Being a team player and getting along with your coworkers is something that cannot be easily taught. I would always rather work with someone who is engaged, ready to learn, and easy to work with than a know-it-all who doesn't work well with others. Each person has different skills and things that they can contribute to a team.


Operators are able to work their way up by showcasing their knowledge of the product and problem solving. From an operator, you can move up to a Cell Leader, Section Leader and Production Supervisor level where you would be overseeing many employees and have full responsibility for different areas of the plant. Technicians have the opportunity to move up to Production Supervisor roles, or continue down the more technical path, serving at a senior level or working alongside engineers as designers to develop new processes and/or machines.


The most fun and most challenging aspect about my job is never knowing what the day holds. One day I might be helping fix a machine and the next day I might be designing a new machine to do a specific job. Manufacturing definitely keeps you on your toes! That's why it takes someone that can think fast on their feet and roll with the punches.


Reliable is a family owned company started by a mechanical contractor who saw a need for fire protection devices. He said, "Hey, I can do this." So he started Reliable and began designing his very own sprinklers 100 years ago. Now Reliable manufacturers over 90,000 sprinklers per day! And we ship all over the world from right here in little ole Liberty, SC!


Engineers and skilled labor such as technicians and maintenance personnel are always in high demand. These are the people that are called to fix something, design a new product, make an assembly line run better, faster, or safer. Companies are always looking for those types of people who can look at a problem and work through the it to find a solution.


If I could talk with my younger self, I would tell myself not to get bogged down and overwhelmed by trying to pick the perfect career. Just try something and see if you like it. Take more courses at the career centers. Those provide real world environments for fantastic learning opportunities. Take advantage of those!


Reliable is committed to help support the communities that we live and work in. The Fee Family Foundation and members of management embrace civic responsibility, provide financial support, and donate their time to various national, state, and local organizations that help make a difference. Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, and local firefighting jurisdictions are just a few of the many fine organizations that the Company proudly supports.