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Water and Wastewater Operators are responsible for producing much of our State's drinking water and treating wastewater according to Federal and State regulations. Our jobs touch the lives of many of our State’s citizens. The Water and Wastewater industry is a great industry to work in, and there are many employment opportunities around the State.

Best Part of Working Here

The job is rewarding and fun. We are committed to providing quality training to the State’s current operators and to the State’s next generation of operators, and we enjoy knowing that the work we do increases the professionalism and career opportunities within our own organization.


Fun Fact

Most Water and Wastewater Operators work in the industry their entire careers. There is always room for advancement, and there are opportunities to work inside a lab or outside “in the field.”   Some operators are heavy equipment operators also, and many have their commercial driver’s license (CDL).


Learning Opportunities

Individuals who enjoy problem solving, working either as part of a crew or independently, are seeking job security, are seeking opportunities to increase their career responsibilities, and enjoy knowing their career makes a positive difference for their communities will be highly satisfied working as a water or wastewater operator. Be open to the types of jobs you will enjoy one day, but if working at an organization like ours interests you, consider taking courses in Environmental Science.


SCRWA’s Apprenticeship H2O Program pairs apprentice applicants with potential employers.  Once hired by the employer, the apprentice applicant is registered into a two-year program.  At the end of program, apprentices receive a certificate of completion from the US Department of Labor. 


Teamwork and soft skills are very important at SCRWA. Operators will work as a part of a team either directly day to day or through shift work, and effective communication is part of the job. 

Employment Outlook

The employment outlook is excellent. It is estimated that the water and wastewater industry nationwide will lose up to 50% of operators due to retirement by 2030. There will be operator positions available in every town and city in the State.

Community Service

SCRWA is a nonprofit organization that provides support services to rural water and wastewater systems. SCRWA is State association under the National Rural Water Association.  These organizations help rural systems deliver quality drinking water “on tap.”

Check out this great video about apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships in the water and wastewater industry.