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US Engine Valve (USEV) is located in Westminster, SC. We supply the global automotive industry with highly engineered valves that help increase fuel economy, as well as improve a vehicle’s overall efficiency and performance.

In addition to serving global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), USEV is also a leading manufacture of products available in the Automotive aftermarket through a network of qualified distributors and retailers.

USEV's customers are Honda, Toyota, Subaru & Nissan.


Employment at USEV is always ongoing. We never stop hiring & we are always seeking the best of the best. We are currently hiring machine operators, maintenance technicians & engineering technicians.


A high school education is critical & mandatory for obtaining a job at USEV. Having a great education will set up potential associates at USEV for success. Excelling in Math & English will set you up for a long & prosperous career at USEV, as well as opening doors for opportunities to move up within our company too!

USEV's success is highly dependent upon each one of our associates. We all have our own personal & individual goals but together, we can achieve great things by being a team player.

Being a critical thinker & willing to help out a fellow associate is key to being successful at USEV. Our associates enjoy having fun while they work but at the end of the day, we all know what's important: working safely & making the best engine valves in the world for our customers!

Teamwork makes the dream work! We all have individual goals at USEV that align with the company's overall goals. When every associate commits to the company goals, success thrives.

Our philosophy at USEV is "Excellence Through People," meaning we are successful because of each one of our 240+ associates. Everyone has a very important role to play at USEV.


We always look within the company prior to looking externally.  We promote from within and go externally for jobs that may require a more special or technical field (i.e., college degree).  

We urge you to now; don't wait until you're a Senior in High School to decide what you want to do.  It's ok to change your mind multiple times but have an idea about your career path & work towards it.  Most students change their minds often about what career they want to be involved in, so plan now.


If you've seen one of our customer's vehicles on the road, chances are the engine valves were made at USEV! We ship globally but most of what we make & ship stays in the US. Our customers are located in Ohio, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, West Virginia, Ontario, Canada & Mexico.

Our jobs are high paced & the atmosphere is very laid back. We enjoy having fun & maintaining a family like environment but at the end of the day, our goal is to produce the best engine valves for our awesome customers with ZERO defects. Safety is our #1 priority but Quality ranks as a close second.


USEV shipped its first pallet of parts to Honda in late 1989. We've been around for a while! We ship around 135,000 pieces per day & close to 32,000,000 valves a year! That's a lot of parts!


Sales are continuing to increase & our 5 year outlook is very positive. We are increasing our growth in both sales & profitability, including shipping more parts to Honda & Toyota in the coming years. By 2023, we are slated to have close to $60,000,000 in sales! That means more opportunities for hiring, advancement & longevity!

USEV has only experienced one (1) layoff in our entire 30+ year history. That was during late 2008 & early 2009 when the entire world experienced a crash in markets due to loan issues within the banking industry. This caused a trickle down effect & most every industry in the world was affected, including the automotive industry & USEV. Simply put, people were no longer buying cars due to the banking/loan concerns & USEV had to make the difficult decision to lay off approximately 15% of its workforce. Many were given the opportunity to come back to their previous jobs once things stabilized & normality within the industry returned.


We offer some co-op jobs for college students. if you are thinking about a career at USEV, you will be highly trained with a minimum of 6 weeks of on the job training. A high school diploma is necessary for a position at USEV, so stay in school and get that education!


When thinking about a career, look at what you enjoy & explore that area as a possible career. For example, if you enjoy helping others, you may enjoy teaching. If you enjoy working on cars & engines, being a mechanic could be an excellent career path. Whatever you do, do what you enjoy.

Jobs are easy to come by these days, so prepare yourself now for something you can work at, make great money & enjoy doing!


USEV has been in Oconee County for over 30 years.  When we first started, we issued associate identifications by way of a numbering system.  The first person hired was #1, the second was given #2 & so forth.  Currently, we are at employee #2026, meaning over 2000 people have been hired at USEV in the past 30 years.  We have been a pillar within the county, and our growth will hit over 50 million valves sold in the next few years.  

USEV is located in Westminster, SC. We have the best customers and associates, and our company thrives on excelling. We aren't perfect but we strive to just be a little better than we were the day before. Continuous improvement is the key to our success.


USEV encourages our associates to volunteer, give to charities (such as United Way) and often works closely with Tri-County Technical College. We encourage our associates to recycle within our facility, as well as at home. We have partnered with local schools & businesses to help secure our place as an industry within Oconee County & beyond. USEV associates care about one another and are encouraged to raise awareness if a concern is found, such as a quality defect or safety concern.