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General Information

About Technical Advanced Placement
Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) enables qualified high school students to earn credit towards technical programs at Tri-County Technical College that lead toward an associate degree, diploma, or certificate.  The purpose of TAP is to reduce duplication between high school and college courses and curricula.  There is no need for students to repeat content which they have already learned in high school.  TAP provides an opportunity for students to complete a skills evaluation process so they can be placed in the appropriate technical courses.  

TAP credit is a way to ...

  • get a head start on college studies;
  • obtain credit for one or more of Tri-County's technical degree, diploma, or certificate programs;
  • save time and money;
  • carry a lighter course load during one or more terms at Tri-County.

And, there is no cost to participate.

Eligible Students and Programs
Students who may be eligible for TAP credit will be enrolled in the following technical programs and/or career clusters at their high school or career center and are planning to pursue a program in the same career cluster at Tri-County Technical College.  The high school programs are ...

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Automotive Technology
  • Business, Management, & Administration
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Information Technology
  • Construction/HVAC
  • Electricity/Electronics
  • Health Science
  • Law Enforcement Services
  • Machine Tool Technology/CNC
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechatronics
  • Pre-Engineering/Project Lead the Way
  • Welding

Types of Assessment
Students must submit the Competency Verification and Teacher Recommendation Form (CVTR) to begin the TAP process.  When the college program coordinator receives the form, s/he will work with the student to complete one or more of the following assessment methods:

  • TAP exam;
  • Verification of competencies through portfolio or skills assessment;
  • Completion of one or more college transition courses.

While students may earn a number of credits at Tri-County Technical College by participating in TAP, a minimum of 25% of the credit hours required for a certificate, diploma, or associate degree must be earned through courses taken at Tri-County.   

Step by Step Participation Process

Step 1
High school students should work with their high school career program teacher to assess if they might be qualified to receive TAP credit.  If so, the student and teacher should complete the appropriate Competency Verification and Teacher Recommendation Form(s) at this link, follow instructions on the form for reviewing all TAP policies, and submit the form(s) to the college to start the evaluation process.

If a student is interested in receiving TAP credit for more than one course, the student should submit a CVTR for each course in which s/he is interested in receiving TAP credit. 

Step 2
The student should meet with the Tri-County Technical College program coordinator (or designee) for the skills assessment. Specific instructions will be included on the CVTR.

Step 3
The student should enroll in and begin the program of study at Tri-County Technical College.  After enrollment begins, TAP credit will appear on the Tri-County transcript.   

TAP Policies and Disclosure Information

  1. It is the student's responsibility to provide the appropriate Tri-County Technical College curriculum program coordinator with all materials and documentation necessary to verify completion of TAP procedures.
  2. The Tri-County Technical College program coordinator will keep accurate records to ensure that all College forms and processes associated with the awarding of academic credit are completed appropriately, and to ensure that the student's academic advisor is informed of his/her progress in completing TAP procedures.
  3. The student will receive a copy of the Tri-County Technical College Advanced Standing Credit Form showing the courses for which he/she will receive credit.
  4. When a student works with a College advisor to register for Tri-County Technical College courses, it is the student's responsibility to inform the advisor of any credit earned through TAP.
  5. TAP credit earned will be documented as a grade of "E" on the student's official Tri-County Technical College transcript after he/she has been formally admitted to the College, has satisfactorily completed all TAP procedures, and has registered for one or more Tri-County Technical College courses. TAP credit will appear on his/her TCTC transcript at the end of the first term in which the previous three conditions have been met.  "E" grades earn credit hours but do not affect the grade point average.
  6. TAP credit earned may apply to a required course(s) or an elective course(s) depending on whether or not the course is listed as required for a specific curriculum in the College catalog. If a student enters a program at Tri-County Technical College for which that course is not required, the student may use the credit as elective credit, with the program coordinator's permission.
  7. TAP credit earned at Tri-County Technical College does not imply or guarantee that such credit will be honored by other institutions of higher education.
  8. A high school student will have one year following the time of his/her high school graduation to complete TAP procedures.
  9. A high school student who successfully completes TAP exams but who does not successfully complete all the other procedures will have one year to complete the procedures and receive credit.
  10. The program coordinator (or designee) may decide whether or not a student who does not successfully complete a TAP exam is eligible to retake the exam.
  11. A high school student who takes a TAP exam will have his/her score kept on file in the appropriate department office for one year following the test date. A student who has completed TAP but who has not been admitted or enrolled will have his/her Advanced Standing Credit Form kept on file for one year.
  12. All TAP exams will be developed, administered, and scored by Tri-County Technical College faculty and/or staff.