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Placement Testing
Accuplacer Placement testing is provided in an effort to help you achieve success in your chosen program of study. Through placement testing, the Testing Center provides information that will be helpful for you as well as your advisor in determining initial course placement. The purpose of placement testing is to make sure you have the necessary skills in reading, writing, or math to be successful in achieving your educational goals.

How do I take an Accuplacer Placement test?

TCTC Testing Center is currently offering Walk-in placement testing services at four campuses according to the schedule below: 

Walk-In Hours:

  • Pendleton Campus, Ruby Hicks Room 170: Monday - Wednesday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. ; Thursday 9:15 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  • Easley Campus, Room 206: Tuesday, 1:30 - 3 p.m.
  • Anderson Campus, Room 221: Friday, 8 - 11 a.m. 
  • Oconee Campus, Second and Fourth Thursdays by appointment only. Call 864-613-1900.

Limited seats are available at each campus.  A valid government-issued photo ID is required for testing.  Leave all personal possessions and electronic devices locked in your car. Electronic devices (i.e., calculators, cell phones, earbuds) are not permitted in the testing labs. 

If you cannot come to campus to test, please complete the form below to request a voucher for remote placement testing. The Testing Center will process your voucher request and you will receive instructions from an authorized Accuplacer testing vendor for arranging your test session. There will be a fee for this service. You are encouraged to come to campus to test if possible.

​Remote Accuplacer Testing Form

Placement Testing FAQs

The placement test administered at Tri-County is the Accuplacer test. Developed by the College Board, the Accuplacer test is an untimed computer-based placement test which measures skills in reading, writing, and math. Even though Accuplacer is a computer-based test, very little computer skills are necessary to complete the test. Accuplacer is not a pass/fail test. Accuplacer test scores are used to determine initial course placement levels in selected subjects.

All Students (except transient students) must take the placement test. You may be exempted from taking the placement test if you have completed college courses in English and math at the 101 level or higher with a minimum "C" grade or if you have previously taken Accuplacer at your high school. Placement test results are valid for three years. If you are unsure if you need to take the placement test, contact Admissions at 864-646-1550 to determine if placement testing is required.

SAT, ACT or other standardized test scores cannot be substituted for the placement test.  However, if you have taken the Accuplacer test and graduated high school within the last 3 years, TCTC will consider the following factors together to calculate an alternative math placement (MMPL).

  1. Your highest math class completed in High School
  2. Your final grade in your highest math class
  3. Your overall High School GPA
  4. Your Accuplacer math scores

This alternate placement level will appear on your dashboard if your high school transcript has been received and recorded in our student information system. Your advisor should be able to answer your questions concerning this alternate placement calculation.

Provided you have completed an Application for Admission and paid the application fee, there is no charge for initial placement testing.

Except for the Oconee Campus, all sites offer walk-in service. Please see hours listed above.

Accuplacer is an untimed test; however, most students require 2 to 2 ½ hours to complete the test.

A picture ID is required for placement testing. Acceptable forms of identification include a state-issued ID (a driver's license for example), a military ID, or an official school ID (high school or college). Scratch paper will be provided by the Testing Center. Calculators and dictionaries are not allowed during testing. Children may not accompany students during placement testing.

Placement test levels are available immediately following the completion of testing. After completing placement testing, you will receive further instructions from the admissions office concerning your next step. The interpretation of placement test levels in relation to course requirements will be covered during your meeting with your success coach.

If you are interested in knowing the English, math and science courses for which you qualify based on your placement test levels, click here.

If a retest is needed or requested, you may take one retest at a cost of $10 during a three-year period. Check with your academic advisor or the Testing Center to determine if you qualify for retesting.

Below you will find three options for preparing for an Accuplacer retest. Please keep in mind you only qualify for one retest in a three year period, so make sure you are well prepared.

Option 1: Use customized on-line MyMathTest Program
1. Access codes, which are good for sixteen weeks, are available in the Campus Store or on-line at
2. Register in MyMathTest and take a diagnostic test.
3. Go to Study Plan to see which objectives you should focus on.
4. Click here to access to Getting Started Guide.

Option 2: Follow these links to practice problems
1. Navigate to the links listed in the “Are sample questions available for the Accuplacer test” section above.

Option 3: Go to the Learning Express Library

  1. Click on Skill and Exam Prep
  2. Select Learning Express
  3. Select College Students and follow instructions.


If you have a documented hearing, learning, physical, psychological, and/or visual disability that will prevent you from taking the test under standard conditions, you may request reasonable accommodations. For more information, contact the Accessibility Resource Center (864) 646-1564

You may request to have your placement test scores sent to another institution for a fee. Please print and complete Tri-County's Placement Score Release Form available online at: Placement Scores (PDF)

Placement test scores will be mailed or faxed to the institution you list on the release form the same day the completed form, a photo copy of a state-issued identification (such as a driver's license), and the applicable fee are received by the Testing Center staff.

The Testing Center is located in Ruby Hicks Hall Room 170. You may also contact the Testing Center by email at, phone at (864) 646-1300, or fax at (864)646-5071.