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Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing careers are for the “why and how” people – the ones constantly looking to perfect a process, the ones inclined to question the status quo, the ones seeking to build a better world. The manufacturing sector in our area represents a booming industry in a variety of fields -- and Tri-County offers the training and education needed for you to be successful!


Arts, Media and Communications

The media arts programs at Tri-County encompass visual media, graphic design, interactive media, computer animation, audio production, broadcast regulations, and more. Courses will prepare you to create media content wherever it is needed and to work in a variety of positions in the growing field of mass communications. You’ll train for careers that include audio and video production, videography, TV and radio production, photo journalism, copywriting, video editing, electronic media, web design, production and direction. You’ll learn to write, light, shoot, interview, record and edit content for multiple media platforms, while developing your personal talent and style as a communicator. 


Business Technology

Planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations. Our business technology programs will help you master how business works, while fulfilling your potential starts by building a foundation of solid business-related skills.



Working with children in any capacity requires a mastery of many fields, but there are few careers quite as rewarding. Whether you are helping children to master the ABC song or teaching them their numbers, there’s no greater feeling than experiencing first-hand that “ah-ha” moment when the students get it!


Health Care

Health care careers are in high demand. In fact, over the next 25 years, the number of people age 65 and older in South Carolina is expected to double. This aging trend, plus the development of new technology, will increase the need for health care professionals allowing for health care positions to always be available. We offer a wide range of options, each leading to an exciting and rewarding career.

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Health Care: Animal Care

Assists veterinarians in activities such as surgical preparation and assistance, lab analysis, and routine animal care.


Information Technology

Widespread use in business, industry, education, and government has created a demand for trained computer professionals. Tri-County provides hands-on training designed to give students the opportunity to zero-in on the pathway that matches their passion.


Law, Criminal Justice, Public Safety

Most of our students, about 70%, have a strong passion for work in law enforcement, but the Criminal Justice program prepares students for careers beyond what you might traditionally think about. Classroom training and field experiences prepare students for careers in corrections and detention centers; communications and dispatch; victim and witness advocacy; court clerkships; pardon, probation and parole; loss prevention; and the fast-growing area of private security.


Skilled Trade Technologies

A skilled trade is any occupation that requires a particular skill set, knowledge, or ability. These careers are all about applying hands-on, highly focused, relevant talent to keep industries running, our homes and offices heated and cooled, our vehicles in solid condition and more. Working in a skilled trade career can offer less debt, lucrative pay, job stability, and overall good quality of life. 



Those working in the transportation and logistics are going places – literally! If you're curious about how goods get from point A to point B, locally and even globally, you might be interested in a career in transportation or logistics. American trade is continuing to expand, and the need for workers in these fields is growing as well. Through our programs, you'll learn about the techniques and technologies for the movement of products for industries large and small, while gaining skills in supply chain, transportation and logistics. Our courses and programs lead to industry-based credentials for professionals.


Click here to learn about programs we offer through our partnership with South Carolina Department of Transportation.