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Educational loans help students and parents pay college expenses when grants, scholarships, student employment, and other types of aid are not enough. Loans must be repaid, regardless of whether you complete your educational program.


  • Before accepting a loan, Tri-County Technical College encourages our students to complete their Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment (optional).
  • Federal Student loans vs. Private Loans- Learn the difference and make the best choice for your borrowing needs.
  • In an effort to help our students manage their loan debt, Tri-County Technical College has students complete the loan aggregate review process once students have reached a certain debt level. Students will receive notification, by Tri-County e-mail, if this process is requested.

  • Note: Per the Department of Education, on a case-by-case basis, schools may refuse to certify/originate the loan for a borrower. Similarly, schools may certify/originate a loan for an amount less than the borrower's maximum eligibility. However, schools must ensure that these decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, and do not constitute a pattern or practice that denies access to borrowers because of race, sex, color, income, religion, national origin, age, handicapped status, or selection of a particular lender or guarantor. If loan is reduced or denied, student will be notified in writing.

For more information on student loans check out these helpful videos-