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The Career and Employability Resources Team plans a variety of workshops each term to enhance your time with us even more. Here are some of our upcoming events: 


Skillshops are low-key, lunch-and-learn sessions that highlight learning and critical thinking skills, resources, and approaches that help students become more effective, efficient, and self-empowered learners. Skillshops expand the student’s learning and critical thinking toolkit in ways that are applicable across content areas and beyond the classroom.


These interactive presentations feature a local industry partner who engages students in building their “power skills” – the behaviors that employers are seeking in job candidates. Following the hour-long presentation, lunch may be available for a limited number of students (sign up via the EDGE app, only for those who also attend presentation) to practice their networking skills with a real employer. Questions are provided, or students may bring their own. Lunch is free.


Tech Talks featuring:

  • Bigger Brains, Chip Reaves, Owner
  • Foothills Alliance, Stevie Nicks, Legal Advocate
  • Michelin, Richard Brock, Technical Recruiter for Industrial Maintenance Personnel
  • Wingate Health Sciences Center, Barbara Burke, Regional Director of External Affairs

Watch the video here.

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A complete guide on how to find and get a job.  This resource is published by the TCTC Career and Employability Resources office and has targeted information for Tri-County Technical College students. Topics include:

  • Organizing Your Job Search
  • Application
  • Resume and Cover Letter Overview
  • Building a Resume
  • Resume Examples
  • Writing a Cover Letter
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Effective Interviewing Strategies
  • Interview Follow-Up
  • Common Shortcomings
  • Post-Interview Steps
  • Starting a Job
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Use the EDGE APP to access the TCTC Calendar, including workshops and presentations. Follow the “Job Feed and Career Resources” feed for new job updates and info. on our career events! 

In Case You Missed It

Check here if you would like a copy of any of our presentations or publications.


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