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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                           8/6/2018

                                                                                                (By Lisa Garrett)

CLEMSON --- Tri-County Technical College President Ronnie L. Booth told summer graduates now that they have chosen a field of study and mastered the various skills associated with their craft, the next step is to address the why of what you do –  to determine what drives you every day.

            Three hundred and twenty-two students were awarded degrees, diplomas and/or certificates during the College’s summer commencement held August 4 at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts in Clemson.

“By earning a certificate, diploma or degree, you are walking out with affirmation that our faculty and, therefore, the College, believe that you have the ‘How’ of your major figured out. We believe that you can do the technical aspects of your major but you also have had the opportunity to develop some of those all-important skills and traits required in the workplace today, such as being on time, being thorough in your work, being able to work in a team environment, being able to stretch yourself mentally and continue to learn. All of those are essential in the world of work. Ultimately, you proved that you can do it,” he said.

But he urged them to address one more question – ‘Why do you do what you do each day?’

“Trust me, having a ‘Why’ in life makes all of life more meaningful for you and others with whom you are associated,” he explained.  “We all are driven by something.  Just what is it that drives you? Why do you do what you do each day? We need to know the answer to that question.  We need to understand what motivates us each day. Life takes on a completely different outlook when we can articulate ‘Why’’,” he said.

“Do we, or will we, go through the motions and give minimal effort? Or will we act as if what we do each day is essential to the lives and well-being of ourselves and others? Will we act with passion each day and commitment to our work that will cause others to notice that we are not typical? Are you, am I, driven by something beyond the basic instincts of survival? Do you have a mission, a meaning, in life?,” he asked.

            “What we do at the College each day is driven by our Vision Statement, “Passionate people transforming lives and building strong communities one student at a time.” This is our Why. This is Why we do What we do. Our goal is to transform lives by assisting our students in finding their respective places in the world of work. When we do that, we ultimately change the community in which our students live and work,” he said.

“Are you determined to make the life of everyone with whom you come into contact better? Is your goal to help every child, patient, offender, client or customer you come into contact with understand that he or she is of value and that each can live a better life? Whatever the case, your ‘Why’ will make a difference,” he said.

Following the speech, Dr. Booth and other College officials presented degrees, diplomas and certificates to the following graduates:

Anderson County

From Anderson:

Jordan Tyrell Alston, Manufacturing Production I; Clayton Jessie Anders, Automotive Technology; Nancy Ibanez Beatriz, Medical Lab Technology; NaKendra Christine Benton, Nursing; Kimberlee Brooklyn Black, Practical Nursing; Caleb Andrew Boring, Manufacturing Production I; Courtney Lashia Brown, Associate in Science; DeAngelo Yatil Brown, Digital Photography; Steven Lucas Bunton, General Technology - Mechatronics; Angela Yolanda Burton, Administrative Office Technology; Briana Stubblefield Burton, Practical Nursing; Elizabeth Michelle Corbin, Practical Nursing; Asia Tomoice Dawson, Medical Assisting; Stacy Morgan Dean, Management; Riley Alan Embree, Criminal Justice Technology; Olivia Margaret Erskine, Associate in Science; Cheryl Ann Evans, Practical Nursing; Hunter R. Fant, General Technology - Welding; Cameron Thomas Fennell, Industrial Electronics Technology; Ethan R. Fields, Associate in Science; Megan Lora Fountain, Manufacturing Production I; Savannah Rose Fricks, Surgical Technology; Alyssa Cortney Garner, Associate in Science; Zachary Cole Greer, General Technology - Welding; Mark Gregory Hanks, Associate in Science; Portia Surya Harris, Medical Assisting; Zachary Dwayne Hawkins, Automotive Technology; Garrett Michael Holcombe, Computer Technology; Latoria Navette Humphrey, Nursing; Mandi Kristeen Jacobs, Accounting; Nigel Elijah Johnson, Associate in Arts; Rhonda Michelle Johnson, Associate in Science; Caitlyn Renee Jones, Surgical Technology; Victoria Oglesby Jones, Medical Assisting; Courtney Ann Kaeser, Associate in Arts; Jared Howell Keown, General Technology - Welding; Brandon Michael Kinley, General Technology - Mechatronics; Adam Christopher Kraft, Associate in Science; Andrew Jerald Lewis, Associate in Arts; Stefanie Anne Lewis, Associate in Science; Colton Stewart Lindell, Multi-Process Welding; Kayla Nicole Lindsey, Practical Nursing; Andrew Layne Lowry, Associate in Arts; Randa Erin Marcengill, General Technology - Mechatronics; Zachary Cole Marett, General Technology - Welding; Savannah Alyssa Martin, Associate in Arts; Samantha Denise Marzolf, Associate in Science; Kinsley Michelle McDuffie, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting; McKenzie Desiree Merk, Practical Nursing; Eveline Boston Moss, Administrative Office Technology; Phillip Thomas Murdock, General Technology - Mechatronics; Blake William Nagle, Associate in Science; Tiffany Leah Nelson, Surgical Technology; Breeanna Michelle Newton, Associate in Science; Chaskasha Kyiarah Norris, Practical Nursing; Diane Deloris Obright, Manufacturing Production I; Madison Grace Painter, Surgical Technology; Kennedie Anna Pike, Criminal Justice Technology; Kayla Marie Ray, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting; Corinna Renee Schneider, Administrative Office Technology; Brittany Nicole Simpson, Practical Nursing; Brandon Lee Smith, Associate in Science; Whitney Leigh Smith, Nursing; Efthemia Mentis Stamey, Associate in Science; Kalene Lucille Swanson, Computer Technology; Quinnton Joshua Taylor, Manufacturing Production I; James William Tyler Todd, Computer Technology; Madison Taylor Welsh, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting; Ayny Janice Wiley, Practical Nursing; Jacquelyn Victoria Williams, Associate in Arts; Keilan Jermall Williams, General Technology - Mechatronics; Valarie Nicole Williams, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Cody Michael Woodall, Industrial Welding; and Adam Andrew Wooten, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology

From Belton:

Christian Lane Ashley, Industrial Electronics Technology; Emily M. Eaton, Associate in Science; Ashley Nicolle Eiland, Surgical Technology; Angela Ellis, Accounting; Krystal Nicole Ellis, Associate in Science; Isaac Marshall Fisher, Management; Stephen Dalton Fleming, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Timmothy Hunter Fowler, General Technology - Mechatronics; Chancey Brent Latimer, General Technology - Early Childhood; Lauren Alicea Lusk, Associate in Science; Kevin Wendell Page, Associate in Arts; and Yolanda Ulrica Wideman, Manufacturing Production I

From Honea Path:

Michale Douglas DePree, Associate in Arts; and Amber K. Newton, Practical Nursing

From Iva:

Dylan Jacob Bonner, Manufacturing Production I; Ansley Rae Dollarhyde, Practical Nursing; Wyatt Skyler Lambert, General Technology - Welding; and John Sergei Turner, General Technology - Mechatronics

From Pelzer:

Jacob Alan Vandonkelaar, Industrial Electronics Technology; and Keifer Logan Vaughn, Computer Technology

From Pendleton:

Matthew Joshua Allen, Industrial Electronics Technology; Sarah Katherine Bartsch, Associate in Science; Brittany Christina Brown, Associate in Science; Christopher Kevin Creason, General Technology - Welding; Dustin Kyle David, General Technology - Welding; Meghan Taylor Lefils, Associate in Science; Rickesh Jay Patel, Associate in Science; and Thomas Blake Watt, General Technology - Welding

From Piedmont:

Hunter Reid Evans, Associate in Arts; Wendy Rena Hoffman, Associate in Science; Caitlin McKenzie Reeves, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting; and John Cameron Williams, Industrial Electronics Technology

From Starr:

Destiny Mikayla Arnold, Associate in Science; Taylor Denise Driver, Associate in Science; Kimberly Hope Fricks, Practical Nursing; Sharon Denise Gregory, Associate in Arts; and Thomas Brent Harvey, General Technology - Welding

From Townville:

Nathan Isaac Morehead, Associate in Arts

From Williamston:

Donald Floyd Cape, III, Practical Nursing; Nicholas Vincent DiCicco, Associate in Science; Emily Gosnell, Practical Nursing; Alexandra Christine Hayne, Media Arts Production; Maria Gehl Kicklighter, Computer Technology; Cecilia Grace Lackey, Associate in Arts; Joanna Fay London, Practical Nursing; Braeden Randall Martin, General Technology - Mechatronics; Johnathan Martinez, Associate in Arts; Candice Renee Morgan, Management; Dylan L. Mosley, General Technology - Welding; Jared Austen Riddle, Industrial Electronics Technology; Kayley Faith Smith, Surgical Technology; and Phillip Anthony Thompson, Management

Oconee County

From Fair Play:

William Caleb Jackson, Engineering Design Technology; and Deanna F. Mullet Overholt, Associate in Arts

From Long Creek:

David Randolph Hinz, Associate in Arts

From Mountain Rest:

Jonathan C. Roach, General Technology - Welding; and Hastin Garrett White, General Technology - Welding

From Salem:

Naila Alani Avila, Surgical Technology; and Kaleb Austin Lusk Stewart, General Technology - Mechatronics

From Seneca:

Hannah Elizabeth Decossas, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting; Bailey Caroline Edens, Associate in Arts; Chase Alexander Gagnon, General Technology - Mechatronics; Kevin Galindo, Associate in Science; Hannah Renee Hendrick, Associate in Arts; Nathan Dermott Hesemann, Industrial Electronics Technology; John Frank Nathen Holbrooks, Industrial Welding; Chloe Nicole Hudson, General Technology - Welding; Paige Nichole Johnson, SMA Pipe Welding; Sarah Renea Lafollette, Practical Nursing; April Marie Meurer, Management; Elizabeth Leeann Moore, Associate in Science; Brianna Michelle O'Kelley, Practical Nursing; Jocelyn Yvette Oglesby, Medical Assisting; Macie Leanne Osborne, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting; Keith Scott Partin, Manufacturing Production I; Savannah Ivey Prater, Practical Nursing; Zachary Joe Reese, Industrial Welding; Brittany Elizabeth Szumlas, Medical Assisting; and Taylor Lynn Thomas, Associate in Science

From Tamassee:

Alexander Blaine Banther, General Technology - Welding

From Walhalla:

Abigail Lee Arrowood, Criminal Justice Technology; Breanna Jane Camp, Medical Office Specialist; Kenneth Lee Kirby, General Technology - Welding; Steven Ray Lopez, Associate in Science; Hannah Marie McCall, Associate in Arts; Kristin Zulfia Myers, Media Arts Production; Patrick Owen Porter, General Technology - Welding; Thomas Braden Price, Computer Technology; and Rebecca Dare Rhodes, Associate in Science

From West Union:

Charley J. Grant, Administrative Office Technology; Jacob Morgan Ivester, General Technology - Welding; Jacob Allen Ledbetter, General Technology - Mechatronics; Teresa Diann Moore, Manufacturing Production I; Melissa Charlene Rice, Associate in Science; and Shannon Sue Rogers, Medical Assisting

From Westminster:

Kurt Allen Brandon, Associate in Arts; Ethan Daniel Cobb, Automotive Technology; Lakeon Samantha Daniel, Criminal Justice Technology; Angelica Marie Goodson, Associate in Arts; Cheryl Marie Kirk, Medical Assisting; Andy Ray Lee, Associate in Science; Chris Bobby McGuffin, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Max Austin Murphy, General Technology - Welding; Adriana Peralta-Bernardino, Associate in Arts; Adam C. Potts, Associate in Arts; Aeriel Katie Reed, Media Arts Production; Austin Brett Satterfield, Industrial Electronics Technology; Jonah Martin Shirley, General Technology - Mechatronics; and Quana Kay Stoltzfus, Expanded Duty Dental Assisting

Pickens County

From Central:

Justin Allen Bishop, Computer Technology; Anna Gardner, Nursing; Johana Godinez, Surgical Technology; Rebecca Bethany Griebno, Associate in Arts; Karen Mariel Guerrero, Practical Nursing; Brandon Anthony Kwietniewski, Associate in Arts; Dillon Lee Martin, General Technology - Welding; Yesenia Montes, Practical Nursing; Jason Vu Nguyen, Associate in Science; Donald Lee Overlock, Computer Technology; Kayla Marie Reese, Medical Assisting; Caleb Mack Richardson, Media Arts Production; Austin Micheal Rose, Associate in Science; Bonnie Jeanne Carol Ryan, Associate in Arts; Ivy Noelle Sanders, Surgical Technology; Garrett Joseph Wilson, Associate in Arts; and Kaylee Summer Young, Associate in Science

From Clemson:

Patricia Ruth Angel-Leckey, Practical Nursing; Lexie T. Dumit, Associate in Science; Aja DaVona Mattison, Medical Assisting; Gregory Peyton Pryor, Criminal Justice Technology; Jonathan Reed, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Jessica Joanna Rodriguez, Associate in Science; Kristin Bre'Ona Stevenson, Associate in Arts; and Jordan Taylor Williamson, Practical Nursing

From Easley:

Christopher Scott Bishop, General Technology - Welding; Sarah Adena Bolt, Associate in Arts; Maria Isabel Bothi, Associate in Arts; Holly Mullinax Bridges, Expanded Duty Assisting; Angela R. Bryant, Associate in Science; Angel Rena Camacho, Criminal Justice Technology; Haley Jessica Carter, Practical Nursing; Bryce Dee Cotton, General Technology - Mechatronics; Shanina Lajoyce Drown, Practical Nursing; Skyler Laine Duckett, Criminal Justice Technology; Justin Ryan Francis, University Studies; Caleb Gassaway, General Technology - Welding; Dennis Kendall Hines, CNC Programming and Operations; Kayla Elizabeth Holder, General Technology - Welding; Jakezeyah Aneshia Jones, Practical Nursing; Dylan T. Looper, Management; Laure Alexandra Marsceau, General Technology - Welding; Travis Allen Mathis, Media Arts Production; Caleb Graham McGuire, Digital Photography; Abbigail Lyne Nahring, Associate in Arts; Nathaniel Clayton O'Diear, Computer Technology; Hampton Miles Oliver, Automotive Technology; Andrew Stephen Petronis, General Technology - Welding; Luke M. Propes, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Vicki Lynn Shope, Practical Nursing; Cassidy L. Stancil, Surgical Technology; Heather C. Styles, Expanded Duty Assisting; Jatinkumar Kiranbhai Suthar, Associate in Science; Harold Dewayne Waters, Industrial Electronics Technology; Meredith L. Weatherford, Associate in Arts; and James Woodrow Williams, Associate in Arts

From Liberty:

Creswell Brady Autrey, Industrial Electronics Technology; Trenton Samuel Caron, General Technology - Welding; Walter Martin Chrisman, General Engineering Technology; Kassie Lee Cochran, Associate in Arts; Dustin Logan Davis, General Technology - Welding; David Mason Fowler, Sr, Associate in Arts; Michael Andrew Gantt, Jr., Associate in Science; Kelsey Lee Moore, Practical Nursing; Brantley Madison Powell, Expanded Duty Assisting; Jonathan Alec Redding, Industrial Electronics Technology; Julio Salazar, General Technology - Welding; Zachariah Keith Sanders, Management; Brandi L. Smith, Expanded Duty Assisting; Crystal Nicole Smith, Associate in Science; Robert Wayne Smith, Associate in Arts; Christina Lynn Steward, Practical Nursing; Abigail Grace Tatum, Associate in Science; Claire Olivia Thomas, Associate in Science; and Precious Jonay Vandiver, Administrative Office Technology

From Pickens:

Teresa Dawn Acuff, Administrative Office Technology - Medical Emphasis; Lindsey Neeley Cram, Medical Assisting; Timothy John Demerski, General Technology - Welding; Caleb Lynn Gravley, General Technology - Mechatronics; Alexandria Nichole Green, Surgical Technology; Amanda Janette Hakansson, Associate in Science; Drew McKinley Harden, Industrial Electronics Technology; McKayla Ann Hill, Expanded Duty Assisting; Tristen Melaina Thomas, Medical Assisting; and Joshua Eli Trimnal, CNC Programming and Operations

From Sunset:

Isaac Daniel Johnston, University Studies


From Abbeville:

Luke Randel Adams, Media Arts Production

From Aiken:

Endon Stanley Platt, General Technology - Mechatronics

From Chapin:

Kenly Elizabeth Derrick, Associate in Arts; and Alan Lott Sumner, CNC Programming and Operations

From Clover:

Hunter Catherine Booth, Associate in Science; and Ashton Rose Rayano, Expanded Duty Assisting

From Columbia:

Robert Edward Carter, Associate in Science

From Duncan:

April Littlejohn, Practical Nursing

From Fort Mill:

Kaila P. Sigman, Associate in Science

From Greenville:

Adeline Gaige Beeks, Veterinary Technology; Erik Michael Dickey, Associate in Arts; Kristin Marie Hammett-Paris, Veterinary Technology; Alyssa Marie Hayes, Associate in Science; Chris Constantine Koutsoukos, Veterinary Technology; Nathan Davis Melchers, General Technology - Mechatronics; Stacy Jean Norman, Practical Nursing; Laura Elizabeth Oliver, Expanded Duty Assisting; Rebecca Sauer, Veterinary Technology; Rosemary Taylor, Surgical Technology; and Edward Clay Terrell, Associate in Arts

From Greenwood:

Charles Joseph Rimsky, IV, Associate in Science; and Tila Rollinson, Practical Nursing

From Hanahan:

Kendra M. Ezell, Associate in Science

From Hartwell, GA:

Richard Daryl Rucker, General Technology - Welding; and Kenyotta Remonal Sturghill, Industrial Electronics Technology

From Hickory Grove:

Lawrence T. Adams, Jr.., Associate in Science

From Jacksonville:

Melissa Rose Ajjan, Associate in Arts

From Lake Toxaway:

Caleb McKinley Stamey, General Technology - Mechatronics

From Lexington:

Collin Derrick DuBose, Associate in Arts; and Karly Greer Sandifer, Associate in Arts

From Mount Pleasant:

Thomas Bradley Hill, CNC Programming and Operations

From Myrtle Beach:

Tanner Dalton Horne, Media Arts Production

From Pacolet:

Daniel Patrick Moore, Associate in Science

From Pelion:

Timothy James Jackson, General Technology - Welding

From Rock Hill:

Cody Michael Deyton, General Technology - Welding; Emma Alexis Finch, Expanded Duty Assisting; Sullivan T. Foy, Associate in Arts; and Mark Hieu Pham, Associate in Science

From Saluda:

Allison L. Deloache, Associate in Science

From Simpsonville:

John Nathaniel Anderson, III, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Technology; Cooper J. Branham, Associate in Science; Davis Benjamin Leeke, Industrial Electronics Technology; and William Chase Smith, General Technology - Welding

From Summerville:

Kathlynn Grace Mizell, Expanded Duty Assisting

From Taylors:

Emma Mansour, Veterinary Technology

From Travelers Rest:

Catherine Ashley Belt, Practical Nursing

From Tucker:

Savannah Michelle Pugh, Associate in Arts

From York:

Jordan Leigh McDaniel, Associate in Arts

Other graduates include:

Samantha Hooper Bagwell, Expanded Duty Assisting; Diane Elizabeth Best, Medical Assisting; Allison Jeanette Brazinski, Associate in Science; Cody John Detrick, General Technology - Mechatronics; and Jada Quinntina Lloyd, Medical Assisting