PENDLETON --- As they go along life's pathway, guest speaker Herm Allen urged Tri-County Technical College's honor society inductees to think about four important elements that will contribute to paving the road to their futures - passion, attitude, values and enthusiasm.

            Allen, who has more than 20 years of student development experience, serves as the College's Educational Talent Search program coordinator.  He also is owner/president of Herm Allen Coaching and the author of F.O.C.U.S. on Your Future:  Five Simple Principles to Reach Your Goals.   He spoke to the 36 students being inducted into Alpha Zeta Beta (AZB), a chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society.   Initiates into the Alpha Zeta Beta chapter must have completed at least 12 hours of college work leading toward an associate degree and have attained a grade point ratio of 3.5 or better.  Initiates also must be judged of good moral character and possess demonstrated qualities of good citizenship and service.        

            The first element to consider is passion, Allen said.  "Working hard at a job you don't care about is stress. Working hard for something you love is called passion. Love it Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday- every day." 

Attitude is equally as important, he said.  "Attitude is a difference maker.  It says a lot about who you are.  And attitude dictates how you get through the day," he said.  "For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.  Attitude will pave the way for you to be successful.  Don't just rely on ability."

Your values also play a critical role in your job, he said.  "What do you value?  I encourage you to do a values assessment. Use work as a reflection of your values.  Don't take it lightly and be mindful that your values follow you when you change careers," he said. 

Lastly, enthusiasm is a motivator, he said.  "When you are passionate, enthusiasm will follow."

Following his address, these students were inducted as new members:

Jennifer Addis, of Walhalla, Administrative Office Technology major

Elizabeth Aranda, of Piedmont, Associate in Arts major

Alex Austin, of Anderson, Marketing major

Margaret Bloder, of Mt. Pleasant, Bridge to Clemson student

Danielle Brown, of Anderson, Criminal Justice major

Kelsey Leigh Buchanan, of Iva, Veterinary Technology major

Ashley Clayton of Anderson, Early Childhood Development major

Jessica Davis, of Anderson, Medical Laboratory Technology major

Chad Dodson, of Easley, Management major

Hannah Easterling, of Pendleton, Associate in Science major

Celeste Edwards, of Anderson, Administrative Office Technology major

William Fowler, of Anderson, Mechatronics major

Queneret Garcia Hernandez, of Walhalla, Associate Degree Nursing major

Derek Geise, of Greenville, Associate Degree Nursing major

Dustin Gibson, of Hartwell, Georgia, Mechatronics major

Patricia Greene, of Easley, University Transfer major

Kristal Hodge, of Anderson, University Transfer major

James Knott, of Liberty, University Transfer major

Nicole McAlister, of Summerville, Bridge to Clemson student

Jason Merck, of Easley, Computer Technology major

Paul Nelson of Anderson, Associate Degree Nursing major

Richard Carl Padgett, III, of Ward, Mechatronics major

Ivey Patton, of Simpsonville, Bridge to Clemson student

Archie (Tom) Peden, of Pelzer, Mechatronics major

Katherine Callaham, of Belton, Business Technology major

Ashley Roberts, of Easley, University Transfer major

Melissa Shook, of Seneca, University Transfer major

Timothy Ryan Smith, of Easley, Industrial Electronics Technology major

Melisa Tennant, of Seneca, University Transfer major

Hailey Thrasher, of Anderson, Associate in Arts major

Patsy Watkins, of Westminster, Administrative Office Technology major

Philip Westbrooks, of Anderson, General Engineering Technology major

Tara Williams, of Walhalla, Administrative Office Technology major

Caroline Wolfe, of Seneca, University Transfer major

Olivia Leigh Wright, of Anderson, Criminal Justice major

Danielle Yarrington-Schmitz, of Anderson, Associate in Arts major